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Lu Man had only cared about getting into the car quickly and did not notice it at all.

You guys really… Lu Man did not know whether to cry or laugh.

On Zheng Yuanshi\'s side, there was still Pan Xue chattering beside her and Han Zhuoli clearly heard their voice.

Tell them, as long as they are willing, I can spare a day to treat them to a meal, Han Zhuoli\'s low voice ran next to Lu Man\'s ear, and reached Zheng Yuanshi\'s ear.

Although they could not hear it very clearly, they could hear his mesmerizing, husky male voice.

A boyfriend with an alluring voice, an attractive figure and a handsome face made everyone go crazy with envy!

If you wanted to ask how they knew Han Zhuoli was handsome

Look at Han Zhuofeng\'s face, how could Han Zhuoli turn out to be the ugly duckling

Honestly, Lu Man did not want to let Zhang Xiaoying benefit by letting Han Zhuoli meet her.

But it was not the same with Zheng Yuanshi, Pan Xue and Han Leilei.

Knowing that Zheng Yuanshi, and the other two girls had always been helping Lu Man, Han Zhuoli had quite a good impression of them.

Ah ah ah, is that your boyfriend\'s voice What did he say I seemed to have heard something about eating, Zheng Yuanshi said excitedly.

Since Han Zhuoli had already said it, Lu Man just said, It\'s him, he said he\'ll treat you guys to a meal one day.

Really Zheng Yuanshi was brimming with excitement, not caring that she was on call, she loudly shared the good news with Han Leilei and Pan Xue.

Unsurprisingly, a loud high pitched scream could be heard from the other side of the phone.

Are you really that excited Lu Man laughed .

Of course! Your boyfriend has become one of the ten biggest unsolved mysteries of our school! Zheng Yuan said.

Don\'t exaggerate so much. Lu Man looked quizzically at Han Zhuoli.

One of the ten biggest unsolved mysteries

It is it is! Zheng Yuanshi nodded her head fervently.

Your boyfriend needs to stick to his words, I already told Han Leilei and Pan Xue, they are all waiting.

This sentence was also heard clearly by Han Zhuoli and before Lu Man could promise them on his behalf, Han Zhouli said from the side, I\'ll keep my promise.

Suddenly, Zheng Yuanshi started going \'ah ah ah\' again.

Feeling helpless, Lu Man put the phone further away, and only after Zheng Yuanshi was done screaming did she put her phone back to her ear.

Where\'s your calmness of a monitor

Zheng Yuanshi laughed.

Lu Man, your boyfriend\'s voice is so nice! He sounds like a professional actor!

However, all the top professional voice actors had magnetic alluring voices yet they barely passed with their looks.

But because their voices were so attractive, all the fans imagined them to be handsome male gods.

However, when they saw them in person, they would be disappointed badly.

However, be it his voice or looks, Han Zhuoli was clearly a heaven-defying handsome hunk!

Ah no, the person whom Zheng Yuanshi regarded as attractive in aspects of his voice and looks both was Yu Linling.

He was clearly a handsome male god.

Thus, they wanted to see Lu Man\'s boyfriend even more.

Lu Man smiled wryly as she looked at Han Zhuoli.

It seemed that Han Zhouli did not hear Zheng Yuanshi\'s words clearly.

Seeing Lu Man suddenly look over, he suddenly had an innocent expression on his face as if he did not know what was going on.

All right, I\'ll remember this, I have to hang up now, Lu Man saw that Han Zhuoli\'s eyes were spurting out fire, she hurriedly said.

Alright, Zheng Yuan happily hung up.

Smiling, Lu Man had yet to put the phone down when her wrist was grabbed by Han Zhuoli, and she was pulled into his embrace.

Thankfully, there was a partition between the front and back of the car, and thus Zheng Tianming who was sitting in the front could not see them.

But because she knew that there were people in the car, even though Lu Man knew that they could not see or hear her, she still felt embarrassed and shy.

But she was already trapped in Han Zhouli\'s embrace and could not move even an inch even if she wanted.


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