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I heard that the Han Corporation is the biggest investor in Red Tiger. Ai Fangyuan remembered and added.

It was this sentence that made Wang Qianyun feel a bit relaxed.

Right, Han Corporation was the biggest investor in Red Tiger, that must be why Han Zhuoli was walking down the red carpet with them.

It must be because of that!

When Han Zhuoli and the rest got down the stage and were going towards the sitting area, they passed by Wang Qianyun, and Wang Qianyun wanted to call out to him.

But Han Zhuoli\'s gaze did not waver at all as he brought Lu Man into the venue, and he did not even glance at Wang Qianyun.

This left Ai Fangyuan shocked, in her heart she thought, didn\'t Wang Qianyun say that she was very familiar with Han Zhuoli, and they were childhood sweethearts

Why does it not seem like that now

Seeing Ai Fangyuan\'s shocked expression, Wang Qianyun awkwardly tried to explain.

It must be that since there are too many people around Big Brother Han did not see me.

Smiling wryly, Ai Fangyuan mocked her in her heart, were there too many people now

He walked by right in front of you, all right

How blind would he have to be to not see you

While Han Zhuoli and the rest entered the venue to find seats, at the entrance, Zhang Jian said to Ji Cheng, Older Brother Ji, I\'ll go to the restroom.

Liu Chuanhui rubbed his stomach and thought about how the main production team of Attack Force would have to do an activity and interview before airing the movie and that it would take up a lot of time, he decided to go to the toilet as well.

Let\'s go, I\'ll go with you.

And so the two friends went to the toilet.


This time, because Maxus Company had the plan of discussing their deal with Han Zhuoli, they had especially sent the Deputy CEO of the company over.

The Deputy CEO of Maxus Company, Ryan, walked the red carpet with the director of Attack Force, Bourbotte, the male lead, Berkeley, and the female lead, Susanna.

Eliza, Ryan walked over and called Wang Qianyun\'s English name.

I heard that Han Zhuoli came over tonight as well, since you are familiar with him, come with me to greet him.

Wang Qianyun cursed in her heart as she knew it would not be a pleasant interaction and could only hope that later on when she went over, Han Zhuoli would give her face.

I saw that Han Zhuoli walk down the red carpet with the Red Tiger production group. The male lead of Attack Force, Berkeley reminded.

Red Tiger Director Bourbotte harrumphed coldly, What they are filming is our leftovers, and it can still become a blockbuster here The money of the audience here is really easy to earn, they don\'t know anything and have not seen the world!

Chiming in, Susanna also laughed coldly.

Right, Red Tiger also aired in our country, but the box office collection was so little, it was pitiful.

With such terrible results, how can the Chinese media have the guts to publicize it so much, and be so proud of it

Although Ryan had come to crack a business deal with Han Zhuoli, planning to work together, honestly, he really looked down on China\'s movie industry, and a sense of superiority ran deep within his bones.

Hearing Bourbotte and Susanna\'s words, he also proudly said, So this time, our Attack Force must also have good results.

We will get a textbook grade result and let them see what a real blockbuster movie is and oppress the popularity of Red Tiger.

They also had a local translator with them, and hearing the words of these people who were looking down on the local movies so much, he was furious but did not dare to say anything.

Trying to curry favor with Ryan, Wang Qianyun added.

The movie industry here is at least lagging by twenty years, they have terrible special effects!

Bourbotte laughed in disdain.

Those special effects companies have the same high-quality equipments we use, yet the people here are dumb and have a lot of money.

So if they don\'t cheat them of their money, who should they deceive Naturally, they would charge them for top quality special effects and give them inferior special effects.

Haha, a bunch of idi*ts.


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