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There\'s no need. Lu Man smiled at him.

There\'s more of an aura while standing.

Holding the microphone next to her mouth, Lu Man spoke in fluent English, I agree with you that the box office collection cannot prove that a movie is good.

However, is Attack Force that kind of movie which has a complex, deep plot that normal people would not understand it


The reporter hit his thigh, how did he forget about that!

Attack Force was a commercial movie, it was all about action scenes.

For such a movie, it was all right to say that it had a meaningful plot.

But to say that the plot was very complex and deep such that normal people wouldn\'t be able to understand, who were they kidding

Lu Man\'s provocative question left Ryan stumped.

Since Attack Force and Red Tiger\'s theme is the same, and even the plot is similar, it\'s easy for people to pay almost the same attention to it.

Since both parties are standing on the same starting line, why can\'t we let the box office collection sales speak for itself Lu Man asked again.

At that moment, Wang Qianyun saw how Han Zhuoli was standing behind Lu Man like a backer for her, and the two of them were actually standing so close together.

Lu Man just needed to lean back slightly, and she would directly be resting in Han Zhuoli\'s embrace.

Han Zhuoli was already tall, and with his protective stance behind Lu Man, he seemed very reliable.

Wang Qianyun did not miss how Han Zhuoli looked warned the security officers who wanted to stop Lu Man, scaring them enough to not even to dare to take a step ahead.

Being protected by a man like Han Zhuoli was amazing!

Suddenly, she was jealous of Lu Man!

Thus, without giving a thought, Wang Qianyun raised her microphone and mocked, Standing on the same starting line Don\'t place yourself on a pedestal!

Finding the way Han Zhouli protected Lu Man annoying, Wang Qianyun\'s eyes were filled with envy, losing her composure, she scoffed, Red Tiger is like child\'s play to us, yet you guys are still so over the moon about it.

You even think yourself to be amazing, trying to compare Red Tiger to Attack Force.

Saying that we are on the same starting line as Red Tiger is wrong in the first place.

If you wanted to be on the same starting line as Attack Force, you need to work hard for a few more years.

Wang Qianyun asked smugly, Aren\'t you the female lead of Red Tiger

Meanwhile, Ji Cheng stood up suddenly.

I\'m the director of Red Tiger, I can\'t let Lu Man, this girl be at the frontline alone!

After saying that, he walked towards the front to stand beside Lu Man.

Liu Chuanhui and Zhang Jian also followed him to stand up and stood at either side of Lu Man, shooting daggers at the Attack Force team on stage.

All right, then let\'s watch Attack Force today, and get to know what a really good movie is! I know that you are unwilling to admit defeat, and feel that the Red Tiger is prideful and boasting on the basis of its box office collection alone.

But now it\'s time to let the truth awaken you.

Let\'s watch Attack Force with attention and compare notes.

Also, let\'s find the faults and areas we all are lacking in.

At that moment, a reporter could not help but question.

Aren\'t you from China Why are you stepping on our locally produced movie just to promote Attack Force!

You are really hilarious, Wang Qianyun said, At the start, didn\'t you all asked for our opinions on Attack Force and Red Tiger Now that we\'ve have spoken the truth, you guys cannot stand it anymore

The f*ck, I can\'t stand it anymore, I really want to punch her! There were audience members off stage who cursed in rage.

How disgusting, wanting to earn our money, and still insulting our movie!

Wang Qianyun looked at Lu Man, challenging her, don\'t come forward just to be embarrassed!


She wanted to see how Lu Man would reply!

However, she did not think that Lu Man would not even look at her, and pretend to have not heard her as she just focused her attention on Bourbotte.


Bourbotte, so you mean to say that if your box office collection breaks the record, then your Attack Force was really filmed well, and that\'s why it suppressed Red Tiger instantly, however, in case you don\'t surpass our box office collection, it\'s not because the movie is not good, but rather the audience isn\'t smart enough to understand the movie to appreciate it.

So if the box office collection is not high, it doesn\'t mean that your movie is no good, right


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