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Alright! Lu Man did not dare to delay him any longer.

You should quickly go back, I won\'t delay you anymore.

It\'s nothing, the movie started to show already, and we aren\'t allowed to film, Tang Zi said, But I really want to go back to see, how was Attack Force filmed, to be so arrogant.

Tang Zi laughed coldly.

After saying goodbye to everyone, Tang Zi and the cameraman returned.

They had been requested to switch the cameras off, and start watching the movie.

Lu Man and the rest directly left, and did not even watch it.

As to how it was, they would just wait for the reviews after the movie.

Ji Cheng and the rest sat on their respective cars and left, and Lu Man followed Han Zhuoli back to the car.

Halfway home, Lu Man received Ji Cheng\'s call, Lu Man, look at Weibo, there have already been netizens who had published that video.

Lu Man hurriedly opened Weibo, this video was obviously filmed and uploaded by a netizen.

Using the phone to film, the distance was not considered near, because the audience tickets were all at the back of the theater.

But using the phone\'s zoom in, they could clearly see how Bourbotte and the rest could see how Bourbotte and the rest looked on stage clearly.

The camera was a bit unstable, but it looked even more read.

That netizen wrote, I had originally been anticipating Attack Force a lot, but seeing what they said, I directly left the theater and did not see it! Otherwise even though I supported their box office sales, I would still be mocked for not knowing how to appreciate it by them.

Haha, tomorrow I\'m going to watch Red Tiger for the third time, to help in the effort of defeating Attack Force.

Whether it was Ji Cheng or Zhang Jian, Liu Chuanhui, including Lu Man, they all had quite substantial fanbases.

Seeing that Weibo, they all reposted it.

That attitude of looking down on people is so funny, I want to see how much better Attack Force is.

Red Tiger might have some areas that is not mature enough, but are your Hollywood films really that perfect We don\'t need to think too far away, just those supposed blockbusters this year, the plot was lengthy and forced, the pacing slow, I was going to sleep while watching in the movie theater.

Isn\'t it just because it\'s a series, and that\'s what lures people to watch it.

Is that really worth being proud about

I was also there a the event location, and I also left.

It was really too angering, looking down on our movies.

Even if he filmed a few movies with good reviews, could he randomly criticize people\'s movies like that

Is no one going to attack that China woman Licking Bourbotte\'s boots, and still having a high pride and looking down on our locally produced movies, she doesn\'t think of herself as a China person right

I checked her details on Baidu, she\'s an American born Chinese, she probably can arrogantly say that she\'s not from China.

This kind of person is disgusting! Forgetting your own roots!

Someone @Red Tiger\'s official Weibo, and @Ji Cheng, @Liu Chuanhui, @Zhang Jian, @Lu Man, I won\'t say anything else, but I\'ll definitely support Red Tiger, and will definitely not go and see Attack Force!

Add me in!

Count me in! I will definitely not watch Attack Force, even if it\'s some god film, I won\'t watch it either.

THe above poster, don\'t make Attack Force sound so good, it\'s just an action blockbuster, how high level could it be, still calling it a god film.

I went to the premiere tonight as well, when I left, there were some audience who stayed behind, waiting for their reviews after watching.

Those that stayed behind are Bourbotte\'s fans right After being die-hard fans for so long, how can you expect them to have a fair review


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