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Once she was done, Lu Man went to find several popular social media platforms, such as Wechat, QQ, and the App client for mainstream news.

As for Wang Qianyun\'s problem, she had to keep it aside for now as she could not let her steal the Red Tiger\'s popularity.

The best time was to wait till Attack Force started airing since at that time she could attack both Wang Qianyun and Attack Force simultaneously.

Lu Man had already planned it out.

That night, several promotions posts about Red Tiger began to appear on the big social media platforms.

They included details about all the different weapons, warships and aircraft carriers in Red Tiger.

There were several stories on Red Tiger\'s actors.

From how they prepared for Red Tiger to how much trouble they went through to film the movie.

From Red Tiger\'s filming set to shooting highlights, the posts didn\'t miss a single detail.

They leveraged the audience\'s hatred towards Attack Force to gain support for Red Tiger.

With each article explicitly promoting every aspect of Red Tiger, the admiration that netizens had towards Red Tiger went up to a new level.

Shocked at the hardships the actors had to face as well as their respect for their work, admiration filled their heart and they wholeheartedly admired and appreciated the intricate filming of Red Tiger.

It would be better if more such movies are produced, we must support them, I hope that there would be more movies like this in the future!

I\'ve already bought the tickets, it\'s on the same day Attack Force airs in order to oppress the box office collection of Attack Force!

The vigorous publicity left the gaze of people fixated on the box office collection for today.

A lot of people used the real-time box office collection software and constantly refreshed

Heavily anticipating the results, Zhang Lun was about to go crazy from staring at the screen for so long.

The next day, on Sunday, at around 10 in the morning, the box office collection for Saturday was published online.

Director Zhang, Red Tiger\'s box office collection from yesterday has been published! Wang Qiu, his assistant rushed with a report of box office collection rankings.

Right now, Wang Shuyi was also waiting for the results in Zhang Lun\'s office.

Let me see quickly! Zhang Lun\'s face clearly showed his extreme anxiety and he practically snatched the report from Wang Qiu\'s hands.

Snatching the report, he saw that Red Tiger still ranked first in box office collection, however, its box office collection on Saturday sales was just 120 million.

Hahahahahahaha! Zhang Lun laughed loudly, gloating at their misfortune.

It\'s merely 120 million! Yesterday, Lu Man used all kinds of means to publicize Red Tiger everywhere, but such mere results The box office collection did not increase at all, it maintained its decreasing trend instead.


Zhang Lun was over the moon.

After all, ever since Fighting Hero and Red Tiger started to air, Fighting Hero had been completely oppressed by Red Tiger.

Until now, Zhang Lun never had a moment of joy, he was always being mocked by the netizens while still having to deal with the pressure from the investors.

Facing the people in the same industry, he could clearly feel their mockery and disdain.

All this while, he had been hoping that Red Tiger would be a flop, but who knew that Red Tiger would soar higher and higher like the eagle, attracting envy from everyone.

For more than a month, Zhang Lun had been trapped in the darkness.

He waited for even a speck of light to shine into his life and finally today he saw Lu Man fail!

Lu Man had been smug about Red Tiger, wanting a movie that was about to stop screening to compete with Attack Force.

She did not know her place at all!

So what if she did promote Red Tiger all over the web

Red Tiger\'s total box office collection had already reached maxed out.

Not bad! Not bad! Zhang Lun said happily.

Remember to send the reports over every day.

He already could not wait to see Attack Force trampling and oppressing Red Tiger once it aired.

Meanwhile, Ji Cheng also hurriedly called Lu Man.

Feeling a bit troubled, Ji Cheng asked hesitantly, Lu Man, ah, did you see yesterday\'s box office collection


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