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Zhang Xiaoying and her two friends, as well as Fan Xiyue who had bad scuffle with Lu Man over grades, were also in the group.

At this moment, they did not dare to come out and speak ill of Lu Man to support Bourbotte.

Back then, Zhang Xiaoying had grabbed that opportunity to mock Lu Man on Weibo but right now she hastily deleted that Weibo post, hoping no one would notice.

Zhao Zilin posted what Bourbotte did during lesson on Weibo, and even added a photo of the lecture theater that was mostly empty.

In the photo, only Bourbotte and his team were standing on stage, facing an empty room, they could feel the awkwardness even through the screen.

“Earlier, when Lu Man went against Bourbotte, I actually felt that Lu Man was a bit arrogant.

Moreover, since so many directors and actors in the same industry stood in support of Bourbotte and attacked Lu Man altogether, I felt that it was probably Lu Man who was in the wrong, otherwise, why would everyone only condemn her alone Otherwise, why didnt they find fault with Bourbotte too However, today having attended Bourbotte at our school, I know the reality.

The whole time, he was praising his Attack Force, promoting it in every sentence, and he did not even give us any points or teachings at all.”

“That is one thing, but he also lambasted our curriculum and learnings.

We are yet to debut in the entertainment industry and havent filmed anything but that doesnt mean that we can take it lying down.

Today, before the lesson started, the 1000-seater lecture theater was overcrowded with 1300 yet once he started speaking, one by one around 1000 people left in rage, leaving only 200 to 300 behind.

Now, I finally know now why Red Tiger is at loggerhead with him.

This cannot be blamed on Red Tiger, and definitely cannot be blamed on Lu Man.

Instead, I want to praise and extend my support to the Red Tiger team, you guys did well!”

Following that, another student from the direction major posted on Weibo and attached a small video.

He described in detail everything that Bourbotte said in the guest lecture.

“I dont know what the brain of those supporting him works, anyway, I wont go to watch Attack Force.”

A lot of students reposted it, and several people also individually expressed their displeasure with Bourbotte on Weibo.

“Originally, when the school announced that they had managed to invite Bourbotte, I was brimming with joy, super-excited to take pointers from him.

However, he really disappointed me today and I also left early.”

Many students kept reposting it, and thus more and more netizens saw it.

“If it was just the Red Tiger production group that could not stand Bourbotte, because their movie was being looked down on by Bourbotte, that was alright, perhaps both side have problems.

But now the students of Film Academy are saying this, that means that its Bourbottes problem.

How can Zhang Lun and that group of people not be embarrassed helping Bourbotte”

“Those people are old, and they dont have any pride.

They cant even compared to group of students.”

“I saw the video, but it was a bit short, to prevent us from judging from only a short clip, is there a full video”

Very quickly, someone uploaded the full video of the open classes.

A one and half hour open class, but because halfway through, most of the students had left, in the end, Bourbotte decided to just end it early and left.

After all, being left with so little people, even if he wanted to do advertisements, and do publicity for his movie, who was he doing publicity for

The netizens were not that patient, and skipped some parts of the video, and was clear about the situation now.

“Haha, if before this, it was said that because Red Tiger had very high ticketing sales in the country, causing a threat to Attack Force, because of the competition, he said stuff to look down on the other party, although it cannot be said that this kind of action is right, but at least, we can understand that their mentality is just being competitive.

But the students did not provoke you, and was full of enthusiasm to learn from you.

Talking about these kinds of things in the open classes, thats too much.”

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