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“No matter what, since the criminal has stated that youre involved, please come with us to the police station.

Dont panic, well only be asking a couple of questions, thats all.

If you didnt do it, we wont wrong you either.”

Xia Qingyang anxiously looked at Lu Qiyuan, then at Lu Qi.

Lu Qi held onto Xia Qingyangs hand.

“Mom, dont worry, you have been framed.

The police wouldnt arrest somebody so easily too.

Now youre just going to the police station to answer some questions, thats all.”

After speaking, she squeezed Xia Qingyangs hand, urging her to maintain her composure and not let the cat out of the bag.

Afraid, Xia Qingyang couldnt hold back her tears anymore.

She grabbed onto Lu Qiyuans hand.

“Qiyuan, you have to save me.

I really have been framed.

I know nothing about this and here they are trying to catch me.”

At this moment, she definitely could not admit that she had done it.

“Ill go with you and contact the lawyer too,” Lu Qiyuan said.


Meanwhile, Lu Man went to the market and bought a pigeon.

Since Xia Qingwei had just finished her surgery, having pigeon soup would be the best for her.

She bought some vegetables as well and prepared the dishes in the kitchen.

After that, she went with Xu Hui to the hospital.

First, she took the soup out of the bag and then took out another two lunchboxes and passed them to Zhou Cheng and Xu Hui.

“Brother Zhou, Brother Xu, thanks for all the hard work these few days.

This is the lunch that Ive prepared for you.”

Xu Hui was very surprised.

At Lu Mans place, when he had seen her cooking, he had thought that she was cooking for herself.

He did not expect that they would have a share too.

“Then… then, we wont stand on ceremony either.

Thank you.” Zhou Cheng and Xu Hui took the lunchboxes.

“Previously, I didnt know that you two were here too, so I didnt prepare any food.

From now on, leave your lunch and dinner to me,” Lu Man said, smiling.

Xu Hui knew how good Lu Mans culinary skills were as back at her home just now, he could not help salivating over the delicious aroma of her cooking.

If one was getting to eat home-cooked food, who would be willing to eat takeouts

However, they still said politely, “That would be too troublesome.”

“Not at all.

Besides, I have to eat too.

Im just preparing a meal for two more people thats all.

I still have to thank you for always being here to help us out.” Looking at the lunchboxes in their hands, Lu Man said, “Come in and eat with us too.

Theres no need to be so polite.

Its best if you eat it while its hot.”

Hence, the two of them did not stand on ceremony either.

They entered the hospital room together and quickly wolfed down their lunch at the table.

In the meantime, Lu Man fed Xia Qingwei the pigeon soup.

After lunch, packing the lunchboxes together, she went to wash them.

Feeling extremely embarrassed, Zhou Cheng and Xu Hui said that they would be behaving extremely rude if they did not clean up after eating.

Hence, no matter what Lu Man said, they refused to pass the lunchboxes to her and went to wash the lunchboxes themselves before returning them to her.

Afterwards, Lu Man added her bank card to her Alipay account and immediately transferred 100,000 yuan to Han Zhuoli.

Following which she also sent him a text: “Ive met Zhou Cheng and Xu Hui.

Today, my dad came over trying to cause trouble but thankfully they were both around.

Thank you.”

Currently, Han Zhuoli was at a hotel in Los Angeles.

The reason he went there this time was to discuss building a large film studio facility in B City with the heads of some Hollywood film companies.

Recently, Han Media Company had invested in a film company in Hollywood.

Moreover, in the past few years, they had also invested in many box office hits.

Also, once the film studio facility was built, the future films that Han Media Company would invest in could be filmed in their film studio at City B and later on, they could also expand it into a place for entertainment and tourism.

Right now, it was still daytime where Lu Man was back in China, however in Los Angeles, it was already 1 A.M.

After the meeting, Han Zhouli even held a video conference with his employees back in China.

It was only now that he had just finished working and came out of the shower.

Just then, he saw the text that Lu Man sent and at the same time he received a notification that someone had transferred money to his Alipay account.


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