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Not taking it to heart, Xia Qingwei just laughed it off and said, “Its alright.

I think that your suggestion is pretty good too.

Its rare for everyone to be there and also we arent going to make it a big affair, so honestly it will be the same no matter when they get engaged.

Man Man, what do you think”

By now, Lu Man was mentally prepared to be engaged, but she didnt expect to be engaged today and was honestly a little astounded.

Even though she was seated, she felt like she was floating in the clouds, finding all this surreal.

Just like this… they are really getting engaged

It wasnt like she did not want to get engaged right now since sooner or later they would get engaged, so it really did not matter whether it was today or not.

After all, she was in love with Han Zhouli and would marry him anyway.

However, it was just that today she had come here with the intention of fixing the date of the engagement, but suddenly it turned out that they were getting engaged today, so this really left her dumbstruck.

Lu Man still nodded her head, dazed and confused.

“Thats ok.”

She still felt like she was completely floating in the air.

She felt dizzy and confused.

She couldnt even hear what the others were saying.

Old Mrs Han asked Han Zhuoli, “Have you prepared the engagement ring”

“Not yet…” Han Zhuoli suddenly felt that he was wrong, he really wasnt well-prepared.

Old Mrs Han hurriedly chased him.

“Then why arent you rushing off to buy it now!”

Her anxious look was as if she was genuinely afraid that her granddaughter-in-law would regret it and run away.

“This child, how could he be so careless Since he already knew that would get engaged soon, how could he wait till the end to buy the ring Does he even want to marry his fiancee!” Old Mrs Han almost lashed out at him.

“…” Han Zhuoli wondered whether Old Mrs Han was helping him out or actually making it worse for him.

What if Lu Man heard it and really thought that he didnt regard her with importance and became angry

Han Zhuoli carefully sneaked a glance at Lu Man.

Seeing that she was still grinning and didnt seem angry, he was reassured.

“I was planning on bringing Man Man along to choose it together,” Han Zhuoli explained.

Honestly, the thought of getting an engagement ring never crossed Lu Mans mind.

For her, as long as she got engaged it was all fine, as to whether she had a ring on her finger or not it didnt matter.

After all, it wasnt a wedding ring anyway.

However, clearly Old Mrs Han highly regarded this matter and hurriedly urged Han Zhuoli.

“Then hurry up and go buy it now.”

Thus, Han Zhuoli brought Lu Man along to pick the ring.

In the meantime, Old Mrs Han got Shen Nuo to socialize and keep Xia Qingwei company as she went to call Han Dongping.

In the past, it was all right if she did not call Han Dongping over, at least he would not be rude to Xia Qingwei and Lu Man.

However, engagement was a big matter, so she had to give invite him over.

In the future, they would all be a family.

So they couldnt possibly avoid each other forever, right

It was fine if they couldnt stand each other since they just had to see each other once every year during the holidays.

Hence, Old Mrs Han returned to her bedroom and called Han Zhuofeng first.

Old Mrs Han really felt that Han Zhuofeng was much more understanding and responsible than his father.

“Xiao Feng, hurry up and come home.

Come over right now,” Old Mrs Han said.

It sounded rather noisy in the background from Han Zhuofengs side.

“Grandma, whats the matter Is it very urgent Im currently in the middle of a shoot.”

“It is urgent.

It is a big matter.

Hurry up, stop your work and come back.” Old Mrs Han urged him anxiously.

“Whats the matter” Han Zhuofeng asked worriedly.

“Zhuoli and Man Man are getting engaged today.”

“Today” Han Zhuofeng was stunned.

“Arent you supposed to be discussing the date of the engagement today”

“Man Man didnt want it to be extravagant and just wanted family members to enjoy a meal followed by their engagement.

It just so happens that the in-law is here today too, so we might as well just have it today,” Old Mrs Han explained.

Han Zhuofeng broke into a sweat.

“Grandma, you sure are bold.

The in-laws are fine with it”

“Uh.” Old Mrs Han said awkwardly, “I was too careless and didnt think through it carefully.

Thankfully, Xiao Xia is not a petty person either and so we decided to have the engagement today.

Hurry up and come back.”

“All right.” Han Zhuofeng hung up the phone and informed everyone that they will be calling it a day now.

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