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“She definitely wont,” Shen Nuo said with confidence.

“Lu Man doesnt care about such stuff.

The in-laws arent like that kind of people either.”

“Thats right, even if we gave them more, they might not even accept it,” Old Mrs.

Han said.

“Then why dont we just prepare some engagement gifts as of now and discuss it with the in-laws later,” Shen Nuo said.

“Sure, I have three gold items here with me already,” Old Mrs.

Han said joyfully.

“Mom, perhaps it wont be too appropriate to gift something useful.” Lin Liye reminded her quietly.

“What are you saying” Old Mrs.

Han said, “These are all new.

In the past, before Zhuoli even got to know Lu Man, he didnt even have a girlfriend.

I was so anxious that I already bought the three gold items and kept them at home, hoping that maybe it would kickstart his romantic life Moreover, once Zhuoli were to get engaged, I could gift it too.”

Suddenly, Lin Liye and Shen Nuos faces both froze for a little.

Old Mrs.

Han was so anxious for Han Zhouli that she had already bought the three gold items a long time long ago.

The three gold items were a gold necklace, gold earrings and gold bracelet.

Whether or not it fit the current beauty and fashion trends, they still had to be prepared, it was a part of the customs.

When Old Mrs.

Han returned, she was carrying three exquisite boxes in her hands.

“Man Man.” Old Mrs.

Han sat next to Lu Man.

“These are the three gold items for your engagement.

Take a look at them, tell me if you like them.”

Thus, Lu Man gleefully opened them and took a look.

But since Old Mrs.

Han had bought it years ago, it wasnt trendy like the current fashion.

However, Old Mrs.

Han had bought really extravagant items.

Moreover, no matter how trendy the gold jewelry became, it would still be about the same type of design.

The earrings and necklace were exquisite and beautiful, and the pair of dragon and phoenix bracelet was thick and wide, it looked really sturdy and grand.

Lu Man grinned as she accepted it, and naturally told Old Mrs.

Han that she liked the gifts.

This left Old Mrs.

Han brimming with pride and happiness.

The next moment, she called Han Xijin and Shen Nuo over.

“Lets discuss the matter about the engagement betrothal gift.”

Xia Qingwei hurriedly waved her hand.

“Old Madam, since Lu Man and Xiao Han are about to get engaged, we will soon be a family, lets not be so polite with each other.

I know that you want to follow tradition, but we really dont have to be so particular about this.

Zhuoli has really helped us a lot.

Honestly, Man Man could only have all this success today because of Zhuolis support.

We really dont have to use the engagement dowry as a way to measure how much you care for the bride.”

Overwhelmed with emotions, Xia Qingwei almost teared up and said, “Since the first time you saw Man Man, all of you have treated her as family and cared and loved her.

Man Man had never experienced familial love in the past, but all of you gave that to her.

All of that is priceless! By seeing Man Man marry into your family, I can rest assured.

In the past, the betrothal gift would represent the wealth of the grooms family, but now times have changed and its just to tell who can one-up the other.

However, I can tell how much Zhuoli and all of you care for Man Man.

So the engagement gift is not important at all.”

Besides, it was hard to calculate too.

After all, Han family such a grand household.

If it were a business marriage, they would already know what to benefit from the other and thus it would be easy to calculate the engagement gift.

However, right now, if the Han family gave a lot, she really couldnt accept it.

What would she do with the few millions or tens of millions of engagement gift

However, if it they were to give lesser, the Han family would also feel bad about it.

Moreover, there were still other children in the Han family who were yet to get married.

By that time, if they were to give an engagement gift, wont they have to worry about how much to give them

If they gave more, they would worry that she and Lu Man would feel unhappy about it but if they gave lesser, they would also worry that the other party would be unhappy too.

Thus, for the Han family, it was indeed a difficult situation.

But Xia Qingwei had taken all of this into consideration.

Even though she didnt say it directly, who could not get her meaning

They all clearly understood what Xia Qingwei was hinting at.

This made the two elders even happier.

They really found the right in-laws!

Therefore, the matter about the betrothal gift was left aside.

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