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Moreover, without the Han family knowing, Lu Qiyuan might very likely use Han familys name for his personal gains.

Nevermind, if he would create trouble for the Han family, with Lu Qiyuans immoral and terrible character, who knew when he would be harmed or taken advantage of by others, and if he had used Han familys name, the Han family would be implicated too.

With Lu Qiyuans shamelessness, even if Lu Man didnt reach out to him, it wouldnt be easy for her to get rid of all relations with him.

No contact with him Getting rid of all relations

He would not even mind it, he was that shameless!

He knew Lu Mans concerns.

He wasnt afraid of Lu Qiyuan troubling him, but he really wanted to cherish Lu Mans thoughtfulness.

The next moment, Han Zhuoli grabbed Lu Mans hand and placed it next to his left hand.

Just as he was thinking of taking a photograph, he recalled his photography skills and handed the phone over to Lu Man.

“You should take it instead.”

Smiling, Lu Man took a photo of both their hands.

Han Zhuoli took the phone back and immediately sent it to the “8864” group chat.

At that time, everyone was busy with their own matters and no one noticed the chat.

Thus, Han Zhuoli took the initiative and tagged Wei Zhiqian.

” @Wei Zhiqian, Im getting engaged to Man Man.”

After a while, Wei Zhiqian replied, “Congrats, congrats, but why did you @ me only You should @everyone! Are you dumb”

Seeing this, Lu Man smiled but didnt say anything.

She felt that Han Zhuoli didnt make a mistake, and had done it on purpose.

As expected, Han Zhuoli mocked him.

“Because youre single.”

Wei Zhiqian: “…”

Why couldnt he just be like any other good friend

Qi Chengzhi: “Congrats, congrats.”

Chu Zhaoyang: “Congratulations.”

Qi Chenglin: “Hahaha, congratulations on officially joining our big family!”

Wei Zilin: “Yet another person is no longer single, its amazing, lets celebrate.”

Yan Beicheng: “Even Han Zhuoli, this bachelor for thousands of years, has finally left the singles club.

Old Wei, do your best.”

Yan Huaian: “I remember back when Little Zhuo was still single, his ears were always pinched by Old Mrs.

Han, or he would get hit with a feather duster.

Yet after not long, Little Zhuo is finally not single anymore.

Looks like Old Mrs.

Hans method is pretty effective.”

Wei Zhiqian: “…What are you trying to say”

He suddenly had a bad feeling about this.

Yu Zi: “What he means is that if you let Old Mrs.

Wei do it too, perhaps the next person to leave the singles club will be you.”

Now that Han Zhuoli was no longer single, he felt free and relaxed and even felt some sense of superiority.

So it seemed like when Qi Chengzhi and the others left the singles club, they also felt this way when they saw all the other bachelors.

Han Zhuoli said nonchalantly, “Perhaps Old Mrs.

Hans feather duster is really magical.

Now she has taken it out to hit Zhuofeng instead.”

Han Zhuofeng: “…”

Was he really his older brother

Han Zhuoli: “Old Wei, do you want it or not Let Old Mrs.

Han lend her feather dusty to Old Mrs.

Wei for a few days and hit it on your brother, you can take some of my luck and fortune.”

Wei Zhiqian: “…Shoo shoo shoo shoo shoo!”

Although Han Zhuoli released the news of his engagement on Weibo, he hadnt revealed Lu Mans identity, yet it was enough to create quite a sensation.

Honestly, Han Zhuoli wasnt someone who liked to publicize his private affairs.

Unprecedented, this was the first time he publicly announced it on his own accord, but he was really happy about it.

Meanwhile, Lu Man kept looking at his Weibo post over and over again.

She didnt want Han Zhuoli to get all excited alone and thus also posted on Weibo.

Lu Man: “From girlfriend to fiancée officially.”

She didnt attach any pictures, just a single sentence.

This left Lu Mans fans astounded.

“Whats the big day today Why is everyone getting engaged Is it a very auspicious day in the lunar calendar”

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