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Han Zhuoli obediently agreed.


Then, Shen Nuo said, “Hes already so old, isnt it hard for me”

Han Xijin: “…”

After he hung up the phone, Han Xijin was unhappy.

“How am I old”

He had always put emphasis on maintaining his appearance.

His body wasnt losing out to the youngsters.

His face just had more signs of age and the passage of time, yet that only added to his mature charm.

Even until now, there were still ladies falling for him.

Shen Nuo flattened his shirt around his chest.

“There, there.

I was just saying that for your son to hear so that he wouldnt cause trouble for you.”

Han Xijin reluctantly soothed some of his unhappiness regarding this matter.


Han Zhuoli sent Lu Man and Xia Qingwei home.

Clearly, he was intending to stay overnight.

When Han Zhuoli was washing his hands, Xia Qingwei called Lu Man into the kitchen.

“You are already engaged to Xiao Han.

What do you think”

“What do you mean by what do I think” Lu Man blinked.

She didnt understand what Xia Qingwei meant.

Xia Qingwei smiled helplessly and poked the tip of Lu Mans nose.

“You are already engaged to Xiao Han now.

Looks like Xiao Han plans on living together with you; if not, he wouldnt come over to our place every day.

He even has his own big mansion, and even a housekeeper and a maid in his house, yet he still leaves that all behind and comes over to our place and squeezes in with us.”

This apartment was indeed much bigger than the one they used to stay in.

Xia Qingwei was very satisfied with it.

However, Han Zhuoli was ultimately someone who had always been living in big mansions.

To Han Zhuoli, this was rather small compared to what he had been living in.

Besides, it also wasnt convenient for him to stay with her, his mother-in-law, every day.

“You cant let Xiao Han live like this forever, letting him leave his big mansion behind where people would serve him and come over here to squeeze in with us.”

“Then what should I do” Lu Man thought for a moment.

“It seems to me that hes living pretty well here.”

“What pretty well Thats only because youre here.

If not, why would he stay here” Xia Qingwei sighed.

“Since you are already engaged to him, have you thought of going over to live with him”

Xia Qingwei was open-minded.

Since Han Zhuoli stayed here every day in the same room as Lu Man, and since right now was the peak of their young and blooming love, would Han Zhuoli really not think of doing anything

Since he had already done the deed, then what was the point of still being so mindful of it

“If the in-laws find out that Xiao Han has been staying here every day, that wouldnt be good either.”

Lu Man bit her bottom lip and sucked on it a little.

“But I dont want to leave you alone at home.

All these years, you have persevered through everything on your own.

I couldnt even stay by your side to be filial to you.

Now I finally have the chance, but before I could even spend time with you, you are going to be alone again.

How is that fine”

“You silly child!” Xia Qingwei was so touched.

“I appreciate your concerns, but you have to get married sooner or later, and when you do, you will move out.

Do you still plan to bring me along even after getting married”

“I do,” Lu Man said.

“You shouldnt have such thinking.

After you get married, its between you and Zhuoli.

Its you two who will be building a family.

If I go along, itll be convenient.

It will be inconvenient for you two and for me too.

If I go along, we will still have to be so polite around each other and be mindful of this and that.

Xiao Han and I both want to be completely comfortable in our homes, wearing baggy and comfortable clothes, but well still have to be mindful of the other party and not get too comfortable.

Id rather stay alone instead.

You better get rid of this idea!”

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