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Chapter 690: A Suffocating 8.9 Billion

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Lu Man: “…”

So, from his reaction, did he wish that she was angry or not

“My anger was gone long ago.

Now, I know your attitude towards her and more so your feelings towards me, so why would I still be angry with someone insignificant I was even afraid that if I get angry with you too often and make you annoyed, it would be bad for our relationship.” Lu Man asked him directly, “So, do you hope that I am angry or not”

“…” Han Zhuoli curled the corner of his mouth upwards.

“Up to you.”


Lu Man scoffed secretly towards herself.

This man was so afraid that she wouldnt be jealous.


On Saturday, Lu Man followed Han Zhuoli to the shopping mall.

They were mainly there to buy some items to fill up Han Zhuolis bedroom.

As there was too much empty space in his bedroom, Lu Man picked a tiny table, two armchairs, and another lounge chair.

After they bought everything and placed them accordingly, the style of Han Zhuolis bedroom change instantly.

His items that were originally there didnt change in any way, staying there exactly the way they were.

However, after adding those bright and colorful items that Lu Man picked, the entire room instantly became more lively and warm, like a bedroom that someone was actually living in.


After another week, it was Han Zhuolis birthday.

Speaking of which, it was a coincidence too that on Han Zhuolis birthday, Red Tiger would also officially stop showing.

And one week ago, Attack Force was completely taken off the shelves by all the cinema operators in China.

In the end, after harboring a bold ambition and coming here with much fanfare, planning to become the Box Office Champion, Attack Force became the worlds biggest box office bomb, having a final box office of 957 million, completely becoming a joke.

It was also the first imported movie that had all the cinema operators stop screening it in advance.

At the same time, it also became the imported blockbuster movie that had the lowest box office of all time.

As for Red Tigers final box office, it was 8.929 billion!

When the final box office result was released, the whole internet went into a craze.

They were proud that a locally-produced movie could have such results.

In an instant, Red Tiger and all the main cast bombarded the top searches once again.

Someone unknown received news and released it on Weibo that in the contract Lu Man signed with Red Tiger, it was stated that she would get a share of the box office.

As Lu Man had helped out so readily back then, Ji Cheng didnt want Lu Man to be taken advantage of and had signed this contract with her.

Therefore, when Red Tiger finally got the high box office of 8.929 billion, the people who benefitted the most from this other than the Han Corporation were the other investors.

Along with Ji Cheng and Lu Man.

“I suddenly realized that Lu Mans first movie Greedy Wolf Operation was the previous holder of the highest box office in the country, and her second movie Red Tiger is the new holder of the highest box office.

Those two movies are both Lu Mans movies, in a sense.

Putting it another way, Lu Man has always been creating records and breaking records.”

“Lu Man fans, please stop dreaming and giving Lu Man so much credit.

Greedy Wolf Operation and Red Tigers box offices were the hard work of the directors, please stop dreaming that Lu Man is so invincible.”

“Im neutral, neither a hater nor a fan.

I cant deny that the reason these two movies box offices could be so amazing had something to do with Lu Man.

With Lu Man working on it, the two movies box office wouldnt blow up so amazingly either, it would still stay in the normal range of a locally-produced movie and not be so amazingly high.

Its like anything more than 3 billion is abnormal.”

“Of course, Red Tiger was really lucky to come out at such a perfect timing.

Its something you couldnt seek for, only wait for.

It encountered Bourbotte and those other brainless people and ignited the audiences emotions, making many of them watch Red Tiger many times.

There were even some who didnt even watch it but bought a ticket every day to support it.

Thats how Red Tigers box office could be raised to such a suffocating amount of 8.9 billion.”

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