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Chapter 694: Idea

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Lu Qi quickly played along.

“Dad, Older Sister might have moved out of this house, but she is still part of our family.

Her surname is Lu, she is your daughter, she wouldnt be able to change that even until she dies.

Even if she changed her surname, could she even change the blood flowing through her veins You gave her that blood, you gave her her flesh and bones, she is your daughter forever, no matter how hard she tries to deny it!”

“In the past, she was incapable and relied on you to raise her.

Didnt you just do it without any complaints Is it even reasonable for her to ignore our family now that she is rich She is ultimately still a part of our family, she should play a part for this family,” Lu Qi said.

“I know that she doesnt like me and Mom, its fine if she doesnt care about us.

But shouldnt she be filial towards you”

Lu Qiyuan genuinely felt that Lu Qi made sense.

In the past 23 years, he had always been raising Lu Man.

He raised Lu Man for so many years.

Now, as his daughter, shouldnt Lu Man be filial towards him and repay him

“Sigh!” Xia Qingyang sighed pretentiously.

“Even in a typical family, when the children work and earn some money, they would still buy some gifts for their parents.

She is your daughter.

You can definitely get all of the money she earned too, not leaving a cent for her, right”

Xia Qingyang originally wanted to make her words sound more persuasive, but whod have guessed that Lu Qiyuans face would darken instead

The corner of Xia Qingyangs mouth twitched a little.

It looked like Lu Qiyuan was already thinking of getting all of the money Lu Man had earned.

Haha, this man sure was shameless.

Did he think that she hadnt realized that Lu Qiyuan had been distant and impatient towards her recently

Thats impossible.

They were a married couple who lived together and saw each other every day.

After living with him for so many years, how could she not have even realized this change

She just didnt say it, that was all.

“No matter what, its rightfully a matter of fact for her to give you some of the money she earned.

Your company is temporarily faced with some difficulty, she should help you,” Xia Qingyang said.

This statement made Lu Qiyuan feel very relieved and calm after hearing it.

“Dad, Ive never mentioned it all this time, but arent I in the same class as Lu Man right now Now that Lu Man is getting more and more famous, it makes me seem like a joke in class.” Lu Man laughed bitterly.

“Those classmates are still laughing and ridiculing me.

I really feel… feel like I cant live on like this anymore.”

Xia Qingyang hugged Lu Qi sadly, her heart aching.

“Why didnt you tell us about it”

Lu Qi looked hesitantly at Lu Qiyuan.

“You were already very busy and had to worry about the company.

How could I still bother you with this”

Lu Qi laughed bitterly.

“Since Im already like this now, my career is all ruined, Im a joke wherever I go.

If it were back then when it first happened, perhaps I wouldnt have been able to take it.

But right now, Im already used to it.”

After Lu Qi said that, Lu Qiyuans heart ached even more.

“How about this” Xia Qingyang suggested.

“I have an idea that, even after Qiyuan gets Lu Mans money, would help Qi Qi make a comeback even without him spending a single cent on Qi Qi again.”

“Whats the idea” Once Lu Qiyuan heard that he wouldnt have to spend any money again, he immediately became more proactive and supportive.

In the past, his company was still operating well and their profits were rather optimistic, so, naturally, he didnt have to pity the money he was spending to nurture Lu Qi.

Moreover, with Lu Man around as a comparison, Lu Qiyuan had always felt that Lu Qi was the one who deserved the nurturing and developing.

Honestly, both of them were his daughters.

No matter how biased he was, he shouldnt have gone to this extent and only nurtured Lu Qi alone.

Ultimately, this was still because he didnt want to spend twice the amount of money and had decided to choose between Lu Man and Lu Qi.

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