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Chapter 702: Biggest Sponsor

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Fan Xiyue shook her head and said, “Didnt you pay attention to the news online Yan Zhiqing is currently in Egypt filming a Hollywood movie, Anubis .

Thered be a clash in her schedule.”

“Since thats the case, then it could really only be Xiaoying,” Zhuang Tingting said immediately.

“This year, there are also two child actors in Year One.

Now they have become one of the representative students who have becomefresh meat andbudding starlets. They have the popularity, but I didnt hear anything about them having a huge contribution to the school.

After all, they had only just joined the school.

Even if they thought about it, they still wouldnt be able to do it in time.

The main competitors would be from Years Three and Four, but so far, I still havent heard anything about them.”

“Lets take a look first, then see.

My family only invested this little bit in the school, it really doesnt count as much when you consider it.

Dont talk about this to others or they might laugh at us,” Zhang Xiaoying said with a smile, and she even especially side-eyed Lu Man.

But Lu Man completely ignored her.

“Xiaoying, you are becoming more and more low-profile,” Zhuang Tingting mumbled.

“Unlike some people.

They completely didnt even invest any money, yet they are so high-profile, thinking that they are so rich.”

Lu Man blinked and said, “I didnt say anything at all, right Why are you dragging me into this again Or are people spreading some rumors about me again”

Han Leilei and the other two were all taken aback and stunned.

“No, nothing, I didnt hear anything.”

Pan Xue rolled her eyes.

“They are clearly crazy.

It makes them uncomfortable if they dont drag you into their conversation.

You dont have to bother with them.”

Zheng Yuan said softly and secretively, “Lu Man, didnt the counselor call you over just now Was it about the direct nomination”

Lu Man was really impressed with Zheng Yuans sixth sense and nodded at her.

“It is something about that.

The counselor only told me that because I got good grades and because of Red Tiger , they are giving me a placing.

I didnt know that a huge contribution was included in this.”

Pan Xue waved her hand like it didnt matter.

“That is understandable too.

Han Corporation is building a theater for our school.”

“Not just a theater.” No wonder Zheng Yuan was the class chairperson, she knew about all the news.

Who knows where she even heard all this from “Just now, didnt they say that Zhang Xiaoyings family was still going to build a cinema for the school”

“Yeah.” Pan Xue nodded.

“Whats the point” Zheng Yuan rolled her eyes.

“Zhang Xiaoyings family is thinking of using sponsorships to bring benefit to Zhang Xiaoying, but they dont want to put in too much money.

Think about it, how much would building a gym even cost They just need to buy some equipment wholesale, thats all.

The schools gym also isnt really big or anything.

But a cinema is different.

The investment would be too much, so they just plan on renovating the old cinema a little.

They are still calculating the costs.

They think that the investment is too great and want to cut costs, so they are still dragging out the time.”

“Now that they have this rich-daddy Han Corporation, why would Principal Liu even care about the Zhang family He would be too lazy to even bother pushing and pulling back and forth with them.

Fix it if you want to; if you cant fork out the money, then dont pretend that youre so cool, okay You want to make a mark in the school, but you want to save money, do you think youre going to a market Bargaining with the school Are you here to sponsor or to gain an advantage I heard from the senior who is Professor Xus assistant that the Han Corporation had already invested money to renovate the cinema.

The screens inside, broadcasting equipment, etc., are all going to be changed to the latest one.

They are even going to add an IMAX theater.

Thats because when the representative from the Han Corporation came, Professor Xu went along too.”

Even Lu Man didnt know about this matter.

Han Zhuoli didnt tell her about it either.

Mainly because Han Zhuoli felt that this was just a small matter and, after hed decided, he didnt bother remembering it, so he forgot to tell Lu Man too.

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