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Chapter 706: So It Turns Out That She Was Quite Lousy

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Of course, Lu Man couldnt compare to Lu Qi.

“Yeah, thats what I was thinking too!”

He Zhengbai paused for a moment and said, “Oh, right, hows Uncles company coming along I heard that a problem cropped up with the factory in the south, is that right Is Uncle back yet”

Lu Qi froze and forced out a smile.

“Who did you hear that from Its all just rumors.

My familys factory is still doing well.

My dad isnt back yet because he is still really busy.

Hasnt it been like this all along The person who spread this rumor is too ridiculous! My familys company is still doing well.”

“I havent visited Auntie in a while,” He Zhengbai then said.

Lu Qi hurriedly clung onto He Zhengbais arm.

“Go back with me, then.”

This would let Xia Qingyang stop worrying too.

Because recently, He Zhengbai seldom came to their place.

He was busy with directing stuff and wanted to start preparing for a new show.

Other people didnt want him to be their director, so he would go at it alone and wanted to do a show with a grand scale.

So hed been so busy that he didnt have time to date.

Xia Qingyang was always worried that Lu Qis and He Zhengbais relationship would change.

Lu Qi had gone through much effort to finally snatch He Zhengbai from Lu Man.

After she heard that Lu Mans current boyfriend was pretty good, Lu Qi thought she definitely couldnt lose.

If she broke up with He Zhengbai, she would definitely be embarrassed in front of Lu Man.

Moreover, she couldnt let the He family, this big fat goose, run away again just when its about to enter their mouths.

Today, she got He Zhengbai to go home with her so that Xia Qingyang could stop worrying and stop nagging by her ear every day.

As expected, when Xia Qingyang saw He Zhengbai, she was extremely happy.

She kept pulling He Zhengbai over to talk to him.

“Zhengbai, why havent you come over in such a long time I have been missing you so much every day.”

“Ive just been a bit busy lately.

Im studying Directing, so I still want to film my own work.

Recently, Ive put all my energy in that,” He Zhengbai explained.

“You still have to rest no matter how busy you are, dont fall ill.

Come back home with Qi Qi more often, I will brew some soup for you to build up your health,” Xia Qingyang said.

In the past, he didnt feel it.

But it seemed like since Lu Man had left the Lu family, perhaps because Xia Qingyang felt that she didnt have a competitor anymore and started relaxing and getting complacent, all her foolish antics started to show.

She even wanted to build up his health.

It wasnt like his family didnt have what theirs did.

Why couldnt he just go to his own home to build up his health

Why would he still need to come here to wait for Xia Qingyang to help him

If Lu Qi didnt have some use and value to him, he wouldnt even bother being so friendly with Xia Qingyang.

Talking to Xia Qingyang made him feel like his IQ was dropping.

“Did Uncle say when he was coming back Hes been gone for quite long this time, right” He Zhengbai asked.

Xia Qingyang froze for a moment, then smiled and said, “Soon, I think.”

Yesterday, Lu Qiyuan even made a phone call back.

It seemed likely that they wouldnt be able to keep the factory.

It would at the very least be closed and changed.

Even his brand “Lu Corporation” would be affected.

The Lu family would lose a lot.

“Oh, right, Mom, let me tell you a piece of good news.” Lu Qi smiled and said, “I passed the schools semi-finals and Im officially in the schools finals.

As long as I can get into the top ten, I can represent the school and take part in the inter-school competition.”

“Thats great!” Xia Qingyang tossed aside the previous conversation topic and happily held on to Lu Mans hand.

“I just knew it, my daughter will shine wherever she goes.

So what if Lu Man has harmed you She can harm you for a while, but she cant harm you forever.

Thats right, did Lu Man get chosen”

“No.” Lu Qi felt smug.

“Today, the counselor read out all 18 students in the school who passed the semi-finals.

Lu Man wasnt one of them.

She didnt pass the auditions.”

Xia Qingyang instantly started smiling smugly.

“So it turns out that she was quite lousy”

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