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Zhang Xiaoying was extremely angry and said impatiently, “Even if she is by Han Zhuolis side, it is no use.

Dont you see how impatient Han Zhuoli is towards her Lu Man is enthusiastically speaking by herself over there, and we dont know what kind of words shes saying to curry favor.

Perhaps she wants to seduce Han Zhuoli.”

“Based on what I see, Han Zhuoli had a face full of impatience.

Perhaps he will chase her away soon.

With Lu Mans look right now, shes practically embarrassing herself in front of the whole school.

Principal Liu is probably regretting calling Lu Man out.”

Zhang Xiaoying had just finished speaking when she saw Principal Liu and the school leaders go to sit down.

There were a few people that went to sit in the judges seats.

Principal Liu sat next to Han Zhuoli.

“Young Master Han, may we invite you to be our judge this time”

“Maybe not, Ill just sit here and watch,” Han Zhuoli declined.

Lu Man did not need to compete, why should he be a judge

Principal Liu suggested that out of hand, and since Han Zhuoli rejected it, Principal Liu did not say anything more.

“Why did you come here today I dont need to compete.

You cant be here to watch the competition, right” Lu Man asked him in a low voice.

Although Lu Mans voice was small, the school leaders sitting next to them still heard a bit.

They all looked over strangely, wondering in their heart what the relation of this student with Han Zhuoli was.

Why was she speaking so casually

Just as the school leaders were looking at Principal Liu in shock, questioning quietly, they heard Han Zhuoli say, “Dont randomly assume things, why are you so sure that I wont see a competition without you in it”

When Lu Man heard that, she instantly said, “Could it be that besides coming to see me, you still want to look at other women”

Han Zhuoli: “…”

At this moment, the school leaders at the side understood Lu Man and Han Zhuolis relationship.

With her being able to speak like this with Han Zhuoli, what other relationship could they have

They could not really imagine that Han Zhuoli would talk to his girlfriend like this.

It was very different from his normal image!

This Principal Liu, that old guy actually hid such an important thing.

Lu Man raised an eyebrow at Han Zhuoli.

This time, after explaining what happened just now, her aura came up again.

“…” Han Zhuoli was so angry that he laughed.

This girl, really…

When she was on the losing end, she would curry favor with him.

Now she was so persistent that she was right, and even her temper was increasing.

“Im here to talk about the investment thing with the school.

Principal Liu said that it was the internal finals in the school today, so I came to look, to see if I could meet you.” Han Zhuolis eyes turned to the side, and he turned his head a bit, his dark pupils moving to the side of his eyes to stare at Lu Man.

“Who knew that I would see you and your old lover together.”

Lu Man was so angry she wanted to kick him.

“What do you mean by together with my old lover! I was obviously trying to cause trouble for that *sshole!”

Han Zhuoli saw his little girl gritting her teeth, like a cat that was angry, especially fierce.

The corner of his lips could not help but curve up.


Lu Man: “…”

What was with his reaction

Just an “en” What does that mean!

Lu Man took advantage of when other people were not looking and poked him at his waist.

The abs at his waist were firm.

She could not manage to pinch it.

With the experience she had gained after a long time, she directly used all her strength to poke.

At least it was more effective than pinching him.

Han Zhuoli did not find it painful.

It was just that his whole body became numb when she poked him.

He slightly avoided it, then grabbed her hand that was messing around.

“Causing trouble!”

There were so many people, and they were showing off their affection by squabbling.

If people saw it, how embarrassing it would be!

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