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“Whether it is acting skills or those schemes for publicity in the entertainment industry that follow rules, it is all Lu Man.

And what Young Master Han did was to support her, to let her go and do what she wants.

If it were someone else, even with Young Master Hans support, without Lu Mans ability, they would still be unable to manage to do so much.

Young Master Han choosing not to go public at this time is really to protect Lu Man.”

“And the reason why I have a good opinion on Lu Man, it is indeed because there is Young Master Han, but even more, it is because Lu Mans own ability is good enough.

There is nothing much to say about her acting skills, just watch.”

“You have so much confidence” Vice Principal Wang asked, smiling.

“Yes.” Principal Liu chuckled and nodded.

After around 10 minutes, the competition officially started.

The halls lights dimmed; there was only a spotlight on the stage.

Because it was too dark off-stage, no one could see how Lu Man and Han Zhuolis hands were clasped together.

The students on stage were all extremely anxious to win in the finals.

They did not get distracted and look down the stage.

Looking at the performance on stage, Han Zhuoli got closer to her slightly, saying in a low voice, “Their acting skills are not as good as yours.”

Lu Mans finger curled up on his palm.

Because they knew that Han Zhuoli was there, they tried even more on stage when performing.

Zhang Xiaoying was performing on stage at that moment and kept feeling like Han Zhuolis attention was on her offstage.

She did not know that Han Zhuoli had taken just a few looks at their performance and did not find it any good.

It was too pretentious and could not be compared to Han Zhuoli at all.

He found it very strange.

With this bit of acting skills, could they really get a prize at the Chinese Arts Championships

At this moment, Zheng Tianming bent his waist a bit as he walked over.

Because it was too noisy, Zheng Tianming could only speak by Han Zhuolis ear.

Lu Man could not hear what Zheng Tianming was saying.

It was probably concerning the company.

As expected, after hearing what he said, Han Zhuoli told Lu Man, “I have to go back to the company.”

Lu Man nodded.

Han Zhuoli squeezed her hand.

“Have Xiao Chen fetch you at night.”

Principal Liu and the rest stood up, wanting to send him off, but Han Zhuoli declined.

“Theres no need to send me off.

If so many of you leave, it would cause the students performing on stage to be distracted.”

Principal Liu was very smart.

“Then let Lu Man send you.

Lu Man ah, send Young Master Han off.”

Lu Man smiled at Principal Liu.

Even Han Zhuoli smiled at Principal Liu in praise.

With how smart Principal Liu was, Han Zhuoli was at ease with Lu Man being here.

Lu Man left with Han Zhuoli.

Because the halls light was switched off, no one noticed.

Only He Zhengbai saw it, and he instantly followed them out.

At that moment, Lu Qi was preparing backstage and did not know that He Zhengbai had been watching Lu Man all along.

Just now, when Lu Man was called by Principal Liu to accompany He Zhengbai, Lu Qi naturally did not let He Zhengbai off easily and asked him what he was doing.

He Zhengbai naturally explained, “I really have nothing to do with Lu Man! How can I like her Dont forget how hard it was for us to get together.

Because of my moms relationship with Lu Mans mom, after we got together, my mother had always felt guilty, feeling that I let Lu Man and her mom down, so she had me take more care of Lu Man.”

“But she doesnt care about your taking care of her,” Lu Qi said coldly.

“Right, but no matter what, what I have to say, I must say.

Even if she doesnt want it, it just means that I wont need to waste more effort on her, right And I can also tell my mom about that.” When He Zhengbai mentioned Lu Man, his face was full of unhappiness.

If you asked if Lu Qi actually believed it

In her heart, Lu Qi did not believe it.

But what could she do even if she didnt believe him

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