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After learning the truth and thinking back, she realized that He Zhengbai had been tricking her at that time.

Although he did not break up with her, tricking her into believing that he would definitely think of a way to save her, the truth was that he was just trying to placate her.

At that time, she had been so anxious that she was going crazy, like a fly without a head, only hoping that He Zhengbai could save her.

How could she have seen that he was just trying to placate her without actually doing anything

But at that time, He Zhengbai had already become annoyed with her.

Hed probably been hoping that she would hurry and go to jail so he could quickly get rid of her.

When she was freed from jail, he treated her like a beggar.

He was full of disdain, not even willing to be linked to her at all, and even more unwilling to admit that he dated her before, like their dating history had become a mar on his record.

In the past life, He Zhengbai had hoped she would stay far far away, not wanting to have any relationship with her again.

But when it came to this life, he actually ran over to bother her.

This made Lu Man really confused.

If He Zhengbai liked Lu Qi that much in her past life, and they successfully got together in this life, then he should just be happily with Lu Qi.

Running over to bother her again, what did he want

When it came to hitting the face and fighting horrible people, Lu Man was a professional.

But as for relationships, Lu Man did not have much experience.

Actually, she did not know that He Zhengbai was only using Lu Qi all along, and as Lu Qi was quite good-looking while also having money and looks, He Zhengbai did not lose out on anything.

In the previous life, He Zhengbai had kept on being with Lu Qi, and they were quite good together.

But in this life, it was already different.

The Lu Family was declining, and Lu Qi was no longer the famous female star in the past life.

For He Zhengbai, her usefulness was not at all like that in the past life.

In her previous life, Lu Man had entered jail at 22 and came out at 30.

Eight years in prison had made her age faster.

Shed been 30 years old, but when she came out of prison, she looked like she was 40.

The her like that, He Zhengbai would not like at all.

Yet in this life, Lu Man was doing better and better.

Her beauty was showing, and it was after He Zhengbai started to dislike Lu Qi that he saw the good in Lu Man, realizing that she was much more outstanding than Lu Qi.

In this lifetime, being together with Lu Man was a lot better for his reputation than being with Lu Qi.

Naturally, he started to bother her again.

Lu Man did not understand.

The gaze she was using to look at He Zhengbai with was full of dislike, wishing he would stay far away from her, the farther the better.

He Zhengbai was instantly aggravated by Lu Mans look.

Adding on the fact that Lu Man had been messing around with him, under his old hatred and new need for revenge, He Zhengbais embarrassment turned into anger.

“Lu Man, your thing with Han Zhuoli in the past, does your boyfriend know about it”

He Zhengbai remembered that when Lu Qi accidentally injured Lu Hanli and wanted to scheme against Lu Man, when they went to the hotel room to catch Lu Man, he had seen with his own eyes that Lu Man was not wearing anything but a bath towel while in Han Zhuolis embrace.

He Zhengbai had never thought that Lu Man and Han Zhuoli would go on to have actual relations.

She was just being played with by Han Zhuoli, probably not even considered a mistress.

Lu Man had a boyfriend now, but He Zhengbai had never linked that person with Han Zhuoli.

He felt only that Lu Man had long ended it with Han Zhuoli before she found a boyfriend.

And the thing with Han Zhuoli in the past was a mar on her past.

Her current boyfriends family was probably not bad, and the seniors at home also supported her.

If they were to find out about Lu Mans past, he wondered if they would still have that kind of attitude.

“Your current boyfriends family is not bad, right He at least has a bit of money, and the seniors in your boyfriends home support you very much.

If they find out that youve been Han Zhuolis bed partner before, I wonder how they would think of you Does your boyfriend know” He Zhengbai laughed coldly, very disdainful.

“Today, Han Zhuoli came again, and you went up to stick to him.

Are you planning on continuing your old relationship with Han Zhuoli Arent you scared your boyfriend will find out about it”

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