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“Its tough for you to be able to find a boyfriend like you have now.

Furthermore, the seniors in his house support you so much, and you actually do something that could make peoples hearts go cold” He Zhengbai said, his face full of thankfulness.

“Thank goodness I broke up with you a long time ago.

Otherwise, I wouldnt have known how many times Ive been made a cuckold of by you.”

After he said that, He Zhengbais face stiffened, thinking about how that time when he caught Lu Man in the hotel, Lu Man had been with Han Zhuoli.

At that time, he had yet to break up with Lu Man.

At that time, didnt Lu Man make him a cuckold

Lu Man felt like she was hearing a joke.

Why did she feel that He Zhengbai was talented and skilled in her past life

She had really been blind.

Looking at it again in this life, she realized that He Zhengbai kept doing dumb things one after another.

He was really not someone who was smart.

“Alright, you can go and tell people.” Lu Mans face was relaxed.

“I can correct you a bit now, hes not my boyfriend.”

He Zhengbais eyebrows moved slightly.

Could it be that Lu Man had broken up with her boyfriend

Just as he became happy, he heard Lu Man say, “Hes my fiance now.”

On seeing Lu Mans seemingly smiling look, He Zhengbai realized that hed been tricked by Lu Man again!

This woman, messing with him like hes a fool!

“If you get the chance to see his seniors in his house, why dont you just directly say it” Lu Man said, not caring.

He Zhengbai would not be able to meet them, but even if he did, she was still anticipating how He Zhengbai would do dumb things.

“Haha.” He Zhengbai smiled coldly.

“Youre speaking very confidently, not scared at all.

Are you already sure I wont meet the seniors in his home”

Before Lu Man could say anything, He Zhengbai said gloatingly, “Lu Man, dont forget, theres still a Han Zhuofeng in the school.

Hes calling you sister-in-law every day, so much so that everyone in school knows.

He must have a very good relationship with his brother, right At that time, when people said that you were being maintained by a rich man, he instantly stood up for you to clear it up.

If he learns about the bad thing between you and Han Zhuoli, what will he do You saw Han Zhuoli today and wanted to stick to him, trying to do things behind your boyfriends… oh no, your fiance, trying to get together with Han Zhuoli behind your fiances back.

if Han Zhuofeng hears this, he will not let you off!”

“Repeat that again What bad things does my sister-in-law have with my older brother” Han Zhuofengs two hands were in the pockets of his trousers, and he slowly walked over.

This look was like that of a little gangster.

“How will I not let my sister-in-law go” Han Zhuofeng smiled coldly.

He did not dare.

How could he dare to be disrespectful to Lu Man

Han Zhuoli would skin him alive!

When He Zhengbai heard what Han Zhuofeng said, he felt like he did not understand it and only heard half an explanation.

“Han Zhuofeng, you dont know, right Before your brother, Lu Man had long been with someone—”

“I know.

Wasnt it you, *sshole The whole country saw the news at that time.

You betrayed Lu Man to be together with Lu Qi.

Its not bad, a b*stard and a b*tch getting together.

How appropriate,” Han Zhuofeng said, his mouth open.

He Zhengbai pointed at Han Zhuofeng angrily.

“Who did you say is an *sshole!”

His hand had just reached out when, without warning, it was grabbed by Xu Hui.

Xu Hui did not seem to be using force, but He Zhengbai was already in so much pain that he was gritting his teeth and bending his waist.

Xu Hui shrugged his hand away, saying unhappily, “Embroidered pillow, good to look at but not useful.”

“Youre still insulting me” He Zhengbai looked at Han Zhuofeng mockingly.

“Did you know that she made your brother a cuckold!”

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