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Han Zhuofeng looked at him like he was looking at an idi*t.

“I think that you are really very dumb.

Why dont you think about it, what is my surname”

He Zhengbai was stunned.

What was Han Zhuofengs surname

It was Han.


Wa… wait!

Han Zhuofeng, Han Zhuoli!

This name… why did these names look like those of a pair of brothers

“You just said that Lu Man has been making my brother a cuckold Haha, my brother making himself a cuckold” Han Zhuofeng laughed at He Zhengbai.

“Youre really too dumb!”

He Zhengbai was stunned on the spot.


How… how could it be!

Lu Man and Han Zhuoli…

They were not… not bed partners, or lovers, they were legitimately boyfriend and girlfriend, no, they were already engaged.

How, how could it be possible

Han Zhuoli was Lu Mans mysterious fiance!

He Zhengbai was feeling so affected that he was out of it.

So that meant… the time Lu Man was being rumored to be a kept woman, her boyfriends family elders came to the school themselves to support Lu Man.

Those were actually the elders in the Han Family!

He Zhengbai thought about the Old Mr.

Han and Old Mrs.

Han of that day.

Werent they the two legendary impossible-to-meet elders of the Han Family

And Han Zhuolis mother was also there.

They had actually personally made a trip because Lu Man was being wrongly accused.

It could be seen how much acknowledgement they were giving Lu Man.

The details, from the start to the end, he had heard when Lu Qi talked about them.

No wonder the Old Mrs.

Hans words were so confident that day.

It was true that, for the Han Family, those things were really nothing.

“Impossible… impossible, how can it be possible…” He Zhengbai refused to accept the truth.

Lu Man was a woman he did not want, a woman he had been looking down on all this time.

But in the blink of an eye, Lu Man had actually found an even more outstanding man!

Even if he did not want to admit it, the truth was there.

He could not compete with Han Zhuoli at all!

He did not even have the qualifications to talk in front of Han Zhuoli!

The Lu Man even he did not want, how could she be together with Han Zhuoli!

“Why is it impossible” a cold and mocking voice asked, a low voice that had a deep quality to it.

Lu Man was really all too familiar with it.

Lu Man was even more shocked than He Zhengbai.

Didnt this man return to his company

Why did he appear here again

Lu Man turned back.

Seeing that Han Zhuoli had really come back and was standing behind her, she felt stunned.

She had even reached out to poke Han Zhuolis chest and check if it was the real person.

He Zhengbai was already scared silly, not thinking that Han Zhuoli would actually come back.

Now towards Han Zhuofengs words, what else could he not believe

Following right after that, he saw that Lu Man had actually used her hand to poke Han Zhuolis chest.

That kind of intimate action stimulated his eyeballs.

He felt a hard-to-describe sour, sweet, bitter, spicy feeling.

Her silly action made Han Zhuoli laugh, grabbing the hand she used to poke him.

“Are you stunned Or do you no longer recognize me”

The expression Han Zhuoli had when Lu Man was speaking, as well as his voice, it was so gentle it could not be any gentler.

He Zhengbai really wanted to laugh at that moment, and to cry while laughing.

He had really never thought that this kind of gentle and doting interactions would actually appear on Han Zhuolis face.

“Why did you come back Didnt you go to the company” Lu Man asked in shock.

For some reason, the tone Lu Man used to talk to Han Zhuoli made He Zhengbai think that those two were like an old husband and wife.

They were so natural, full of chemistry, like they had already been together for a long time.

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