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And now they were telling her, Lu Man had already gotten the right to participate in the Chinese Arts Championships a long time ago!

Then what she said to Lu Man before, wasnt it all a joke now

Actually, it was not only Lu Qi who became a joke but a lot of their classmates as well.

Since Lu Mans name did not appear in the name list for the schools internal finals, there had always been someone using that to mock Lu Man practically every day.

And now

Their face was in pain; it was really f*cking painful.

Lu Qi hurriedly said, “What right does Lu Man have to not have to pass through the selection and directly enter the main competition The school does have a direct pass, but the requirements are that the students grades must be good and that they must also have made a great contribution to the school.

Lu Mans grades are good, that is true.”

Lu Man had gotten first place on the end-of-semester examinations, and the list was still pasted up in the class.

It was not possible to even deny it.

“But a great contribution May I ask what Lu Man has contributed to the school If you want to talk about contribution, then what the other students have done should be more than Lu Mans, right” Lu Qi looked at Lu Man coldly.

Teacher Liang was not angry and calmly asked, “What do you think isa great contribution”

“Naturally, its helping the school.” Lu Qi pressed her lips together.

“What kind of help” Teacher Liang still maintained her smile.

Lu Qi finally realized that something was not right, but it was hard to get out of this.

“Like investing for the school to build facilities.”

Teacher Liang laughed.

“If it were based on what you said, then the school would be looking at which students family has money and giving them a chance only if they do.

Is that fair”

“Then why is it that even though in the past years, the school has always had a direct pass, it rarely gave it to its students Could it be that in the past years, there were no students whose families have donated to the school Only our years students families have money, is that it” Teacher Liang could not help but be insulting.

Lu Qis face turned red.

It seemed like she was saying she was very superficial.

Teacher Liang raised her voice and said, “I know, for the students who have been pursuing the arts since they were young, their families need to put in a lot.

In our school, especially, there are a lot of students whose families do business.

But there are still quite a lot who are here purely because they like the performing arts, and they entered the school with much difficulty.

So the school never considers things from the standpoint of the family background.

The school has been working hard to make it fair for everyone.”

“Making a great contribution to the school is not referring to how much donations you have given the school or how much you have invested in it.

If it was like that, then the school would be encouraging the students families to compete against each other.

Whoever donates the most money to the school, the school would give the most number of opportunities to, right If it were like that, our school would have been closed a long time ago.

How could we have managed to advance like that Those who work hard to learn performance and have great grades, wouldnt it be they who would never get the chance to make it big Why Because their family does not have money to invest in the school”

“So, what the school is referring to bygreat contribution is not how much investment there is.”

A case in point was how Principal Liu normally took a lot of care of Lu Man.

However, how he took care of her was that if Lu Man had good resources and wanted to go out to film, the school would not stop her and would even make it more convenient for her.

And when Lu Man was getting pressured by others outside, Principal Liu was also willing to support her.

If there were rumors that were not good for Lu Man, Principal Liu would also react instantly and resolve it, then tell Han Zhuoli.

What Han Zhuoli wanted were just those.

As for other kinds of fights, Lu Man herself had the ability to win.

Teacher Liang continued to say, “Agreat contribution has many possibilities.

I wont list them out one by one here.

Ill just use Lu Man as an example.

The Greedy Wolf Operation that she acted in, as well as Red Tiger where she was the main actor, got great results in the end.

Especially Red Tiger .

After its airing, there has been a lot of effects upon our society.

Lu Mans great acting in it made people see the abilities of our Film Academy.”

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