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Chapter 726: Not Following the Normal Tricks

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As to who the other person was

Of course, it was Lu Qi.

Lu Qis reputation right now was totally horrible.

First scheming to ruin her older sister, then snatching her older sisters fiance, then later on, threatening the Red Tiger production group because of her pay, and in the end, causing her to lose the Red Tiger role that could have been able to help her get famous.

Lu Qi did not have other achievements in her history.

Her only achievement was to prove her dumbness.

Being dumb and having a bad reputation, no one wanted to be associated with her.

Lu Man also did not care, finding a seat all the way at the back and sitting down.

She was not scared of the shaking and did not get carsick.

It was quite nice and quiet at the back on her own.

Lu Qi saw that she had also been ostracized.

She did want to squeeze into the eight-people group, but no one bothered to acknowledge her.

Lu Qi shakily wanted to walk to the back but was stopped by Teacher Liang, who was in charge of them.

“Lu Qi, the bus is already moving.

Dont stay standing, its too dangerous.

Hurry and sit,” Teacher Liang said.

Lu Qi was not happy, but she could only sit.

When they reached the Drama Academy, the big bus could not enter the school and could only stop at the entrance.

There was already a large group of fans waiting at the main door of the Drama Academy, and the Drama Academy had security officers and even the police come over to maintain order and put up barricades to keep the fans at the two sides.

“Xiao Qi!”


“Zeyu! Zeyu!”

The sharp screaming sounds of the fans started to resound.

Xu Ningxian brought Lu Mans fan clubs vice president over as well.

The vice president is a young man called Liang Xiaoyi, and he was quite useful in crowds and managed to squeeze out a space for the small group of fans for the Goddess of Fury.

“Goddess of Fury Man! Goddess of Fury Man! Attacking both the sky and the earth, Goddess of Fury Man!”

Xu Ningxian and Liang Xiaoyi brought the group, and they actually managed to shout very uniformly.

For Fu Kaiqi and the other guys, their fans who came were mostly females, and even Xu Ziyi and the others fans were mostly female.

But at Lu Mans side, it was a bit stranger.

It was half made up of guys and half of girls.

When they shouted, the male voices and female voices matched together and made the atmosphere very good.

In particular, the side of the male fans who were orderly standing in a line made people feel like they were looking at soldiers.

And they were actually soldiers!

Although theyd taken off their soldier uniforms and were wearing ordinary clothes, they could not hide their aura.

It was all because the Red Tiger film was very popular even with the people in the army.

If you wanted to talk about popularity among ordinary young people, Lu Man could not compare with the rest of her schoolmates.

But when it came to popularity in the army, even with all the students participating this time added up, they would still not be Lu Mans competitors.

Liang Xiaoyi, for instance.

He was a soldier in the air force, and this time, during his break, he just said that he was coming to support Lu Man.

When his comrades heard it, they expressed that they wanted to go with him.

They first became fans because of Red Tiger , and after getting to know Lu Man, they were attracted by Lu Mans way of doing things.

Even when attacking people verbally, she did it outrightly.

And she was totally fighting face-to-face, which they liked a lot.

The young girl was pretty, and she was likable.

Naturally, they became fans.

The other fans were screaming without coordination, and very quickly, they were overtaken by those coordinated calls.

Other fans: “…”

The f*ck, what kind of fans were so unique, not following the normal tricks!

Everyone looked towards Lu Man.

Why were Lu Mans fans this kind of people It made one suspect Lu Mans type of character a lot.

Fu Kaiqi and the rest were already used to the excited fans, and they waved and smiled at them.

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