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Whether it was the smile or the angle they were waving at, it was all very well practiced, like they had calculated it before.

“Older Sister Lu Man!” Xu Ningxian called.

Lu Man smiled at her, then instantly left the group and walked over.

Lu Mans actions made the group from her school become stunned.

And so their fans became even more crazed.

Why did Lu Man come over but their beloved celebrities did not

Xu Ningxian brought a group of girls, and they were all very excited, jumping and screaming.

Liang Xiaoyi and the other soldiers were the ones who turned red in embarrassment, not sure of what to do.

“Older Sister Lu Man!”

Lu Man jogged over, smiled, and said, “You guys all came!”

She did not think that she would also have fans.

Lu Mans face was full of surprise.

That really felt good!

Besides Xu Ningxian, it was the first time they were interacting with Lu Man up close.

“Older Sister Lu Man, they are part of our fan club.

This is the vice president, Liang Xiaoyi, Big Brother Liang,” Xu Ningxian introduced.

“This time, its all thanks to these older brothers who came here that we were able to squeeze in.”

Lu Man hurriedly greeted Liang Xiaoyi and the rest.

“Thank you guys so much.”

“Youre welcome, youre welcome!” Liang Xiaoyi hurriedly waved his hands.

Liang Xiaoyis comrade, Cheng He, laughed at him.

“Normally, youre such a good talker.

Why are you stuttering now”

The other comrades all laughed.

Xu Ningxian introduced the others to Lu Man.

“Older Sister Lu Man, they are all soldiers! We did not know that before this.

We were just chatting online, and we set a meeting time at the entrance of the school.

In the end, we were all shocked.”

No wonder Liang Xiaoyi and the rest were standing very straight and their actions were very orderly, as if theyd been measured out with a ruler.

Lu Man was also very surprised.

“Then Im really too honored.”

“Our team went to watch Red Tiger together.

Lu Man, you guys filmed it very well, it was very touching.

Really!” Liang Xiaoyi said.

“We did not get the chance to meet Director Ji Cheng.

Would it be alright for you to tell him The people in our army really liked it, and Teacher Liu Chuanhui, and Zhang Jian, Dong Liyou, Jiang Guang, you guys all acted very well!”

“Thats right.

When you guys were acting the rescue mission, the actions in it were very orderly, it is like how we do it when we normally train.

We had trained for many years before reaching the needed standards, and you guys were able to do it in such a short time.

It must have been tough, you are too good! Furthermore, what your movie is teaching is really very good.

We, as soldiers, were hit especially hard.

We really thank you so much for filming this kind of movie,” Cheng He said.

“Thank you, thank you guys for liking it.” Lu Man was very thankful.

“How about this Ill give Director Ji a video call now.

I dont know whether hes busy or not, but if hes not, Ill have him talk to you for a bit.”

“Really” The soldiers behind were shocked and happy.

“Wont it be too troublesome”

On their two sides, the fans of the other people were totally stunned while watching.

What was going on!

Their idols were about to enter the school while Lu Man had started to chat with her fans here.

And her fans only wanted her to pass a message, but in the end, she wanted to contact Ji Cheng on the spot!

What kind of treatment was this!

Seeing that Lu Man was contacting Ji Cheng here while their idols were about to leave, these fans instantly did not feel very good.

This difference was too big!

It was like they did not treat their fans as family!

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