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Chapter 732: The Han Corporation Just Invested in Us

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“You!” Lu Qi gritted her teeth hatefully.

Lowering her voice, she threatened, “If you help me, I have a piece of important information I can tell you.”

Lu Qi raised her head to look at Ni Xue and the rest, and seeing that they were not paying attention to them, she said, “My news is very important for you.

Youll definitely regret it if you dont hear it.”

“If you want to say it, say it.

If you dont, get lost.

Anyway, I wont help you.” Lu Man not only scolded her, but she also rolled her eyes at her.

Lu Qi was so angry that she was trembling.

Why was this Lu Man such a horrible person!

“Alright! You said it yourself!” Lu Qi smiled coldly.

“Dont regret it! Lu Man, if Im not doing well, you can dream on about doing well!”

Lu Man looked at Lu Qi mockingly.

“You were asking me for help just now, and your attitude changed in an instant.

Tell me, how can I help you”

Lu Qi: “…”

Was Lu Man playing with her!

Lu Qi directly walked away in anger.

Why was she still staying there for

To continue to be tricked by Lu Man

The competition had yet to start; they had arrived two hours early.

Because there was a total of 23 schools, and each school had around 10 participants, there were 230 students.

They needed to undergo a drawing of lots to separate into groups, and that would take a lot of time.

There were too many people.

There was not even enough time for everyone to get to know each other.

However, Ni Xue and the rest were actually quite familiar with the students of the National Drama Academy.

Because the National Drama Academy also had students that were already in the entertainment industry and had become famous before they entered school.

Long before they entered the school, they had worked together.

They were not very close, but they would still greet each other when they saw each other.

The bunch of them were greeting each other, even Zhang Xiaoying had people she recognized, and they were totally leaving Lu Man and Lu Qi behind.

Lu Man was on her own, and she felt very carefree.

Not very long later, the principals of the 23 schools all arrived.

Before this, Principal Zhang of the National Drama Academy had brought the other principals to walk around the school and introduce the different places.

At this moment, they reached the big theater, and the other principals expressed their envy.

“There is only one school in the nation that has such a big theater,” the Nan Hua Media University principal said, smiling.

Principal Zhang proudly smiled.

“Hahaha, its what our school uses to compete.

Otherwise, we would be lagging behind.”

Principal Liu could not stand Principal Zhangs proud look.

“Hahaha, our National Film Academy is building one too.”

“Oh The National Film Academy also has one”

The principal of Donghua Film Academy expressed his shock.

“Thats right, the Han Corporation just invested in us.” Principal Liu jutted out his chin, seeming very arrogant.

Principal Zhang: “…”

The principal of the Donghua Academy of Drama then said, “I saw the news.

Chen Cong chose your National Drama Academy.

This child is very talented, a rare child with acting skills among the new generation of actors.

He can be said to be the leader of the new generation of actors, and he even wins against a lot of his seniors.

He is very likely to become a representative of their generation with his acting skills, and in the messy entertainment industry today, his appearance is a good thing for our acting scene.”

Principal Zhang smiled happily.

“Its this child who trusts in our Drama Academy.”

“Haha, after all, your Drama Academy has come out with a lot of older famous talented actors,” the principal of Donghua Academy of Drama said with a smile.

“Hes low key, and his acting skills are good enough.

This is what this generation lacks the most, the hardest-to-find and most precious kind.

I hope that Chen Cong can maintain himself.”

The principal of the National Media University saw Principal Lius disapproving expression.

He smiled and said, “If you want to talk about actors with talent, there is one in the National Film Academy as well.”

“Oh The one you are talking about, is it—” the principal of the Nan Hua Media University said.

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