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The principal of the National Media University nodded.

“Thats right, its Lu Man.

I saw the two movies she acted in, her acting was really quite good.

Her acting was very natural, very pure.

In Greedy Wolf Operation, there were parts where she was still lacking in maturity and experience, but in Red Tiger, her improvement was great and she became so much more mature, not like a newcomer who had just filmed two shows.

That kind of talent is very rare.”

“You have a very good opinion on her.” The principal of the Nan Hua Media University laughed lightly.

“I do feel that she is not bad.” The principal of the National Media University did not deny it.

Seeing that the principal of the Nan Hua Media University looked disapproving, he asked, “What is it You dont like her”

“I dont really like her,” the principal of Nan Hua Media University said.

“This Lu Man, she does have quite a bit of talent in acting, but she really knows how to make things popular.

Shes so young but already so scheming.

I still like people who concentrate on acting.

She cant put her whole heart into acting and is distracted with scheming.

This kind of persons acting skills cannot reach a high standard.”

The principal of the National Media University smiled and did not debate about this with the other party.

But privately, he felt that in this industry, how could there be someone with no schemes and did not how to make themselves or their shows popular and relevant

Someone who did not know anything would not even be able to enter, and even if they entered, they would not be able to stay for long.

A lot of people with acting skills wanted to be popular yet could not be popular.

Were they really content in being low-key

No, they were just lacking the chance to become famous.

They were even lacking the chance to sensationalize themselves.

If you were not popular, even if you tried to do such schemes, who would notice it

What the Nan Hua Media Universitys principal said was not realistic at all.

Could it be that Chen Cong did not do such things

If he did not maintain his popularity, the audience would have already forgotten him.

At that time, when he was auditioning, who would remember him

And because of that, the principal of the National Media University still had a very good opinion of Lu Man.

On the other hand, Principal Liu did not feel happy hearing that.

What was wrong with sensationalizing her movie

Lu Mans schemes did not block anyones path and were not malicious.

Her publicity was all positive, and when she purposely schemed, it was to maintain the dignity of the locally-produced movies.

If it were not for Attack Forces provocation, Lu Man would not even have bothered with them.

Principal Liu gave a cold hmph and said, “No matter how much she sensationalizes things, Lu Mans skills are there.

Lu Man has a 3-billion ticketing sales for Greedy Wolf Operation and an 8.9-billion ticketing sales for Red Tiger.

Do you guys have that You guys can go and find one in your schools, who has one If you dont have the ability, what are you pretending to be good for!”

“Ah, Lao Liu, your words are too much.” The principal of the Nan Hua Media University was not happy.

“I just expressed my opinion, why are you speaking so rudely”

“Lu Man is a student from my school, a very outstanding one.

If you look down on her, then you should search in your school and see if theres anyone who can compete with Lu Man.

If you dont even have someone who can compete with Lu Man, should you still be commenting that Lu Man is not good enough Does Lu Man need your critiques” Principal Liu said, his lips pursed.

“This person! Whats wrong with me commenting”

“Then theres nothing wrong with me commenting about your school, right You cant find a representative student in your whole school, arent you embarrassed” Principal Liu did not care about anything.

“Your school keeps using your most beautiful student every year and making an Internet celebrity out of them.

How brilliant! Really, how brilliant.

Our schools Lu Man whos only filmed movies before really cannot compete.”

The principal of the Nan Hua Media University had known since a long time ago that Principal Liu was an *sshole, but he did not think that he was this much of an *sshole!

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