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Sun Changfang went first and showed his score.

“Teacher Sun Changfang gave 7.9 marks.”

After that mark came out, everyone frowned.

The audience below began to make a lot of noise.

Especially Lu Mans fans.

“Whats wrong with him The previous two groups performances were a lot worse than Lu Mans, just shouting but with no tears, and they both got 7.7.

He gave Lu Man 7.9 only”

“Probably biased! So shameless!”

“Why is it just 7.9 points! Forget about comparing Lu Mans acting skills with those of the older well-known talents, but compared with the younger-generation actors, she is obviously superior, and by a lot.

This kind of movie-level acting skills, you give a 7.9 to What kind of competition is that!”

“There were people who even forgot their lines on stage, and it was obvious that their lines were not correct and were changed last minute, yet they got 7.5.

Youre giving Lu Man 7.9 Thats too much!”

“What kind of horrible judging is this! Can you even be a judge like this”

“I think he is biased against Lu Man and hes purposely trying to oppress her! Choosing this kind of person to be a judge, its too unfair!”

He Shuxins face darkened, and he frowned.

Before this, when he had chatted with people over a beer, as they were chatting about the new generation of actors, he heard someone say that Sun Changfang had a lot of bad opinions about Lu Man and directly said that he did not like Lu Man as a person.

No one could make everyone like them, that point he understood.

And in your own heart, you can choose to like her or not to like her.

But this was work matters.

They were only talking about acting skills and not your personal opinion on people.

But Sun Changfang actually brought his personal emotions to the judging table.

It was a very unprofessional action.

He Shuxins original mark for Lu Man was 9.0.

But because of Sun Changfangs actions, He Shuxin rewrote his marks.

“May Teacher He Shuxin show his marks” the emcee said.

He Shuxin showed 9.6, a high mark!

“Finally, someone who knows how to judge people!”

“What kind of person is Sun Changfang Hes not professional at all, and hes still calling himself a teacher.”

“Teacher He, well done!”

This time, it was Sun Changfangs facial expression that was not good.

“May Teacher Zhang Guangtao show your marks, please” the emcee continued.

Lu Man was a student of the National Film Academy and also had good acting skills.

Zhang Guangtao naturally could not give her low marks.

So he showed his score: 9.3.

Although Zhang Guangtao was a teacher of the National Film Academy, the marks he gave were lower than He Shuxins, who went before him.

Thus, even if people wanted to say that he was biased towards Lu Man because he was a teacher at the National Film Academy…

The score he gave was even lower than He Shuxins!

If He Shuxin had followed his original mark of 9.0, then Zhang Guangtao could be talked about by people.

But He Shuxin had changed his marks the last minute because of Sun Changfang.

When He Shuxin saw Zhang Guangtaos mark, he could not help but shake his head and laugh.

Because of that, Lu Man did not lose out and even seemed to have benefited.

The final outcome would depend on the teachers to give a score after them.

If their scores were also in this kind of mark range, that would be basically making up for Sun Changfangs mark, and it might even be higher than their expected marks in their heart.

After that, they heard the emcee continue to say, “May we invite Teacher Li Lingmei to show her marks now”

Li Lingmei smiled and showed her marks: 9.1.

“I feel that Lu Mans acting was extremely good.

Even though she was alone, she managed to make us feel like theres an invisible person there.

For example, her action of holding the air, it was basically her caressing someones face.

If it had not been done well, it would have become a joke.

But she acted very well, and it made people totally forget the awkwardness of acting towards air.”

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