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“Teacher Li Lingmeis marks for Lu Man are also very high,” the emcee said with a smile.

“Following that, may we invite Teacher Liu Lijin to show her marks”

Liu Lijin showed her marks: 8.9.

Although it was lower than expected, it could be because of the fact that the National Film Academy and the National Drama Academy were rivals, causing her to give a not-so-high mark to Lu Man, who was a student of the National Film Academy.

But this score was still more reliable than Sun Changfangs.

Sun Changfang seemed to have very high expectations, but people who understood could tell that he was being biased and had purposely lowered his marks.

But despite that, Lu Man had already gotten 44.8, which was such a high mark!

Although they had yet to count Manager Haos marks, as of now, Lu Mans marks were already in the first place!

The emcee spoke again.

“Then may we ask Teacher Hao Zhonghai to show his marks”

As the investor of the competition, and them still having to choose young actors to sign on, Hao Zhonghais opinion was the most important.

Hao Zhonghai smiled and showed his marks.

Suddenly, the whole audience went quiet.

9.8 points!

Lu Man: “…”

Even Sun Changfang was speechless.

He wanted to scold Hao Zhonghai, but thinking of Hao Zhonghais identity, he controlled himself.

But 9.8 was really too much!

Why didnt he just give full marks!

When he gave 7.9 just now, thered been audience members who had called him biased.

The f*ck, this was the real biased one!

9.8 points, why dont you go to h*ll!

The emcee was also stunned and smiled while asking, “It looks like Manager Hao really admires Lu Man.”

“Of course.” Hao Zhonghai nodded seriously.

Sun Changfang: “…”

Liu Lijin: “…”

He Shuxin: “…”

Emcee: “…”

Zhang Guangtao was amused.

Was Hao Zhonghai a teammate sent over by monkeys

9.8, eh!

Even he did not dare to give such high marks.

Its not that he couldnt give it, its that he didnt dare to.

If he gave such a high mark, wont he be said to be biased by people

The principal of Nan Hua Media Universitys face turned black while he was sitting on the VIP seats.

Just now, when Sun Changfang gave Lu Man low marks, he was quite happy.

After all, from the first three groups, quite a lot of students of Nan Hua Media University had been eliminated.

In terms of the performing arts major, the Nan Hua Media University was not very well known and had never been a competitor of the four big schools.

It was normally the students who failed to enter the four big schools and were forced to retreat who picked them, and they were even behind the Nan Hua Film Academy.

But Principal Yang had ambitions.

He wanted Nan Hua Media Universitys performing arts major to increase in ranking and to be more well-known.

Furthermore, their relationship with the National Drama Academy had always been not bad, and they were brother schools.

He did not know how Lu Man had managed to provoke the National Drama Academy, but Principal Zhang had a lot of opinions on Lu Man based on his words.

He did not mind oppressing Lu Man with Principal Zhang.

Before this, he had already told Sun Changfang, as long as it was reasonable, dont give Lu Man too high marks.

And it just so happened he also made a bet with Principal Zhang and did not want Lu Man to get results that were too good.

Just when he thought he was about to succeed, what was with Hao Zhonghai!


Why didnt he just give full marks!

Principal Yang was extremely troubled.

Only Principal Liu and Principal Zhang knew what was going on.

Hao Zhonghai was trying to curry favor with his future lady boss.

“9.8, the highest mark in the competition so far,” the emcee said, feeling like he had to have Hao Zhonghai give a reason for why he gave such high marks.

“Yes, Lu Man acted well,” Hao Zhonghai said.

Everybody: “…”

The f*ck, there was definitely something going on!

“Do you still need me to say more” Hao Zhonghai asked.

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