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Principal Liu did not bother.

Lu Man was in their school, and he did not lack interaction with Han Zhuoli normally.

Principal Zhang did not go over either.

No matter how much he tried, Han Zhuoli would probably not give them any chance.

Principal Zhang looked on coldly, thinking in his heart that other people could get a chance to talk good things about their students, but the Donghua Academy of Drama was probably over already.

Who asked your schools Sun Changfang to attack Lu Man for no reason

Just with how protective Han Zhuoli was over Lu Man, Donghua Academy of Drama did not stand a chance.

Principal Liu chuckled, then looked towards Principal Zhang.

There was finally someone who could be a comrade with Principal Zhang, brothers in times of trouble!

Principal Zhang: “…”

Not long after, the lights in the venue darkened, and the competition officially started.

The emcee walked to the middle of the stage and introduced the judges.

It was still the six from before.

“Now, lets invite the first competitor, Lu Man from the National Film Academy,” the emcee said.

“The script she got was Daming Palace, Wu Zetian.

The guest actor is Huang Yilun.”

“Lu Man, its Lu Man!” Old Mrs.

Han said excitedly.

Old Mr.

Han coughed and calmly took out his reading glasses from his pocket to put it on.

Xia Qingwei was both excited for and anticipating it.

Because during the preliminaries, the program went too long and Lu Man did not know when she would act.

She did not want the elders to sit here for too long and did not let them come.

Anyway, she had confidence that shed pass the preliminaries.

And so, it was during the second round that she let the elders come.

With just one group competing every day, the program would only be less than two hours a day.

To the elders, that length of time was alright.

Old Mr.

Han, Old Mrs.

Han, and the rest were watching the competition for the first time because, during the previous days, there was no Lu Man, and so they did not come.

Hence, they did not know that Ni Xue had also performed the same role before.

But the audience knew.

After listening to the emcees announcement, everyone was shocked.

“This will be an interesting show to watch!”

“I remember that Ni Xue was acting the same role before.

This comparison will be too great.”

“This will be interesting, lets see who acts better.”

“I feel that Ni Xue has already acted very well.

No matter how good Lu Mans acting skills are, they cannot exceed a certain level.

Wu Zetians role has been destined.

There is a line there that says, no matter how you act, you can only be around the same level.”

“I feel that Ni Xues acting is already good enough.

At the maximum, they should score the same points.”

“I, on the other hand, feel that Lu Mans performance cannot compare to Ni Xues.”

“Its impossible, theres a certainty in Lu Mans acting skills.”

“Im not saying that Lu Mans acting is no good.

Its that her guest actor is Huang Yilun! Huang Yilun is famous for his good acting skills and strong aura.

I did not think that the Han Corporation would call Huang Yilun out.

Lu Mans luck is not that good.

How could she draw Huang Yilun as the guest actor His acting skills can run circles around many people in the entertainment industry.

In the previous round, Ni Xues guest actor was Xu Lin.

To be truthful, whether its acting skill or aura, Xu Lin cannot be compared with Huang Yilun.”

“Thats right.

Huang Yiluns aura is too strong.

As long as he appears, people cannot help but place their attention on him.

It is easy to forget the people next to him.

In that way, its a loss to act with him.”

“Thats why I said, with this kind of comparison, Lu Man is losing out compared to Ni Xue.

It will be very easy for the judges to wrongly feel that Lu Man is not acting well enough.”

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