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Chapter 779: Walking Her Own Path, Causing Them to Have No Path to Walk on

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Ni Xue: “…”

Li Zeyu: “…”

There were only eight f*cking people in total!

Lu Man either did not need to have so many people or that these eight teachers really could not find the time.

Li Zeyu believed the second was more possible.

“Teacher Yao, Teacher Hong, since Lu Man has so many teachers helping her already, having one or two less will be fine, right Would it be alright for you two to tell Lu Man that you need to help us It cant be that we dont have a single teacher to help us over here, right” Ni Xue said.

Teacher Hong asked strangely, “Didnt you two already ask your celebrity friends to help you”

Ni Xue: “…”

Li Zeyu: “…”

What could the two of them say

Ma Xianghuan had already said what he did, so who else would dare to ask their celebrity friends to help them

That meant that those celebrity friends would not manage to fulfill their role of helping and instead have the opposite effect.

But there was no need for the two to say that.

Teacher Yao and Teacher Hong already understood.

“This… weve already agreed to help Lu Man.

Even though we are extras, each of us has our own positions.

Weve already started to rehearse, so suddenly saying that we want to withdraw would not be good,” Teacher Yao said, troubled.

“But we cant let her occupy so many teachers from the school, right” Ni Xue said, finding it unfair.

“Shes entered the finals, but so did we.”


But before this, didnt you say that youve asked your celebrity friends to help you We thought that you two did not need help anymore, and so we agreed to help Lu Man,” Teacher Yao said.

Ni Xue was extremely angry.

So this was their fault now

“We want to help every student in the school,” Teacher Hong said.

“Why dont you two go and find Lu Man to discuss it with her If Lu Man agrees, then we will definitely help you.

Otherwise, we cant go back on our words.”

She had already said that, and though Ni Xue and Li Zeyu were both not happy in their hearts, they could not keep insisting on it and could only leave the office.

“What do you plan on doing after this” Ni Xue asked Li Zeyu.

They really did not dare to ask their celebrity friends for help, scared that if Ma Xianghuan and Lian Fang saw it, they would not be happy.

But most of the teachers in the school had been asked for help by Lu Man already.

Lu Man was practically walking her own path, causing them to have no path to walk on.

“What can I do Im going to ask the remaining eight teachers if they are free or not,” Li Zeyu said as he walked.

“But I think there is little chance.

If they had the time, they would definitely have gone and helped Lu Man.”

But no matter what, he needed the help.

And in the end, as Li Zeyu thought, the eight teachers really had no time.

The two of them could not go to Lu Man, of course, and Ni Xue believed that even if they went to talk to Lu Man, Lu Man would not agree to their request.

Ni Xue thought about it, and she did not tell Li Zeyu as she went to find Principal Liu by herself.

“Principal, can you tell Lu Man to not forcibly occupy so many teachers” Ni Xue begged helplessly.

“I went to ask for help from the teachers with Li Zeyu, but there is no one left.”

“Shouldnt you have prepared a long time ago Why did you start seeking out people only now” Principal Liu was shocked.

“Thats not right.

Didnt you two already go and ask your celebrity friends”

Ni Xue: “…”

She no longer wanted to explain.

Principal Liu did not trouble her either.

“This… Lu Man already asked the teachers for help.

I cant force her to let people go or order the teachers to help you.

This is a choice they made themselves.

I really cannot interfere.”

Principal Liu made it very obvious that he did not want to deal with this.

It made Ni Xue very curious.

Principal Liu seemed to keep helping Lu Man.

Why was that!

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