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Even if it was only two-thirds, or even one-third, of the side of her face, he could recognize her with one look.

No matter from which angle, his girl was so pretty.

She had no bad angles at all.

Lu Man closed her eyes to cultivate emotions, not caring about the camera at all and looking very calm.

On the other hand, the other contestants were all experienced members of the entertainment industry.

They knew how to attract the camera to them and how to attract the topic of conversation to them, basically how to show themselves off.

Yang Ruitian from the National Drama Academy chattered on and expressed that she was especially nervous, continuously showing some exaggerated actions, covering her face sometimes and laughing loudly at other times.

Ni Xue held her script in her hands, taking a deep breath.

“I dont know when Ill go on stage.

Please hurry and let us draw lots.

If the results come out faster, Ill feel relaxed earlier.”

“Hahaha, whether you die early or later, its all dying,” Yu Lexin of the National Drama Academy said from the side while laughing.

Zhou Li from Donghua Academy of Drama pressed her two hands over her heart.

“Everyone present is my senior.

They have experience in front of the camera and a lot more on stage.

Im really very nervous.”

Everyone was competing to be the most humble.

It was like in Junior High where the students who told their classmates in the day that “I never study, I always play at night” would actually study as soon as they got home and even stay up late.

Everyone knew the truth!

Everyone was thinking that in their hearts about others, and no one really trusted what they said to the camera.

Finally, the camera turned to Lu Man again to give Lu Man a special feature.

This camera was not like the one at Xing Ke Station, which helped give a beauty filter to celebrities.

This was a hundred-percent HD camera.

Even while filming from far away, it can make people look uglier by ten times, never mind special features.

No one knew how the boys maintained their skin, which was even more beautiful than the girls.

They looked even better with makeup.

On the other hand, after being filmed by the HD lenses, the girls faces were shown to be a bit oily, and their pores and imperfections were all shown clearly.

When the audience saw that on the big screen, they said in shock, “Oh my gosh, why arent they as good-looking as before”

“Of course, the cameras before were not so HD.”

“There were no such special features in the cameras used before! The whole big face taking up a whole screen, thats too scary.”

“This camera is too evil, not giving people a way out.”

Yet when the camera landed on Lu Mans face, it also zoomed in on her face to feature it.

But her white and fine skin did not have a single flaw.

Her pores could not even be seen.

Lu Man did not know that the camera was already facing her.

Her thin and long fingers were holding her forehead, and she had her eyes closed as she immersed herself in the music.

“Lu Man,” the other emcee who was backstage called her.

Lu Man opened her eyes and took out the earphones, a bit unhappy that her emotions were being disrupted.

“Lu Man, the other contestants are all especially nervous, but from what I can see, you dont seem to be nervous.

Youre even closing your eyes to rest,” the emcee said, smiling.

Lu Man said seriously, “Im also very nervous.

Im scared that my emotions wont be on-point on stage.

So here, Im not closing my eyes to rest, Im listening to music to cultivate my emotions.”

Lu Man pulled out her earphones from her phone to let people hear the music she was listening to on her phone.

It was the background music for the part she was about to perform.

It was just that everyone did not have any impression of it and could not tell from which movie and which part it was from.

However, they could hear the suppressed and dark feelings from the music.

After listening for a while, they were made to feel like it was hard to breathe.

The emcee could not help but show a look of admiration.

They had been there for quite a while already.

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