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Before they started to film, Lu Man was already listening to the theme music.

Shed been listening all the way until now, meaning shed spent such a long time just to cultivate her emotions.

“Have you been listening to this song all along” the emcee asked.

The music was still playing on the phone.

Lu Man nodded.


Im scared that my emotions will not be full enough when I get on stage.

I need to use this music to suppress my emotions.”

“Oh my gosh, could it be that you were listening to that song the whole time just now” the emcee asked, surprised.

“Yes.” Lu Man nodded.

“Thats too oppressive.

How can you stand it”

Lu Man smiled.

“Being able to immerse oneself into the character and becoming that person during the performance is the best.”

The audience admired yet could not stand the music.

“Oh my gosh, if I have to listen to that music, I would not be able to stand it.

Furthermore, having to listen to it for so long, what will I do if I develop depression”

“Look at those other people, acting pretentiously because theyre already used to how things go on variety shows.

Lu Man is such a unique and refreshing person.”

“Thats right.

Those people are wily old foxes, presenting themselves with full effects.

Only Lu Man is seriously preparing before the competition and not trying to play the same tricks as them.”

“Theyve all said that Lu Man keeps trying to make a hubbub about things, but Lu Man has always been the kind of person whod go,if you make trouble for me, Ill use you to increase the popularity of my movie. But if you think about it carefully, Lu Man had never automatically schemed to make her show or herself talked about.

When no one is bothering her, she is very low-key.”

After hearing the audience members words, everyone thought:

Hey, thats true!

Right now, wasnt Lu Man also preparing in a low-key manner

If it were not for the emcee seeking her out, she really would not have drawn much attention.

Everyone else was trying to snatch screentime, but Lu Man was steadily staying in the corner and not moving at all.

Han Zhuoli was seated on the judges seat, and because it was the frontmost one, no one saw his expression at that moment.

Han Zhuoli was concentrating on the Lu Man on the big screen.

He liked it a lot, no matter how he looked at her.

He wished he was backstage right now, not just looking at her through a screen.

Ma Xianghuan also turned and told Huang Yilun, “Lu Man is not bad.

Her mentality is not crooked.”

Huang Yilun smiled and said, “I dont know which order Lu Man will come out to perform in.

When you two see her performance, you will understand.”

“Hahaha, these last few days, youve kept brainwashing us to promote her acting as being good.

Arent you worried that our expectations will be too high and that, when Lu Man performs, that might cause her to be not up to our expectations” Lian Fang knew that Huang Yilun was doing it out of goodwill.

He probably thought that Lu Mans acting skills were really not bad compared to those from the new generation and was very shocked by it.

And with his love for talent, he kept praising Lu Man in front of them.

But men were careless.

Huang Yilun was doing it out of goodwill, but they were scared that the ending would be bad because of his goodwill.

Lian Fang felt that Huang Yiluns review of Lu Man was high because Huang Yiluns expectations were low at the beginning.

Because Lu Man was a student, Huang Yilun had put the expectations hed have for a student on Lu Man.

And in the end, Lu Mans performance turned out to be great, totally exceeding the standards of a student.

Because of that, Huang Yilun felt that Lu Man was especially good and gave her an especially high review.

But he forgot that because of that, because he kept praising her in front of her and Ma Xianghuan, their expectations had become too high.

If Lu Mans acting skills were not as outstanding as they thought, they might be disappointed.

If that difference was too obvious, the marks theyd give might be lowered.

Because of that, Lian Fang prepared herself.

No matter what Huang Yilun said, she would lower her expectations and remind Ma Xianghuan to do the same, to prevent them from giving unfair marks to Lu Man later.

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