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Everyone felt even more numb the more they listened on.

Right now, they werent curious about what presents Lu Man had received.

They felt only that it was weird that it was just a birthday, yet Lu Man managed to attract so many people to especially come over to celebrate it for her.

Did they have to treat this birthday with so much importance

Who hasnt had a birthday before

In an instant, all of the limelight today was snatched away by Lu Man.

She was the winner, and now, two extremely popular big directors in the nation both came to watch her competition.

They came here just for Lu Man and even especially gave her a birthday present.

Who else was receiving such a treatment

Originally, the top five should have all been basking in the spotlight.

Ni Xue in the second place should have received a lot of attention too.

But right now, they all just became the backdrop for Lu Man.

The happiness from receiving their placing, and their joy from successfully making it into The Performer, all disappeared.

Compared to the excitement going on where Lu Man was at, they felt very insignificant.

“Lu Man, come here.” Liang Yuhan pulled Lu Man out of the door.

Ni Xue and the others saw that Lu Man left but couldnt hold back their curiosity.

They stomped their feet a little yet still followed after her.

Lu Man was led to the entrance of the theater.

Parked right at the entrance was Han Zhuolis car.

However, Han Zhuoli wasnt there.

Xiao Chen stood in front of the car.

When he saw Lu Man, he quickly opened the car door at the back.

Lu Man suspiciously looked at everyone.

Liang Yuhan only smiled and pushed Lu Man towards the car door.

“Hurry up and get in.”

Lu Man looked into the car.

Han Zhuoli wasnt inside.

She was feeling strange too and wanted to ask why Han Zhuoli wasnt there.

Just then, Xiao Chen said to her, “Lu Man, Mr.

Han is still waiting for you.”

Han Zhuoli clearly wasnt in the clear.

Hence, it was obvious that he wasnt waiting for her in the car.

Who knows where he was waiting for her

This feeling was really strange.

Just now, they were both standing on stage together, but now, Han Zhuoli had gone to some unknown place and was waiting for her.

Lu Man could only enter the car, her stomach filled with curiosity.

She bade goodbye to Sun Yiwu and the others.

Sun Yiwu grinned and fought to hold back to say something like “see you in a while.”

Xiao Chen started the car and drove off.

In the car, Lu Man couldnt control her curiosity.

“Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle, Auntie, and my mom, did they all go home”

Lu Man mumbled, “I still havent gotten the chance to greet them.”

Xiao Chen smiled and said, “Mr.

Han has his plans.”

Lu Man blinked.

Was this man going to give her a birthday surprise

Lu Man lowered her head and played with the strap of her bag.

Inside the bag were the presents that Sun Yiwu and the others gave her.

She still didnt know what surprise this man had prepared for her.

He was all secretive and mysterious.

If not for Han Zhuoli, she would have forgotten that today was her birthday.

She had never properly celebrated it since she was young.

Now, all of a sudden, someone wanted to properly celebrate her birthday.

Lu Man suddenly felt rather nervous.

This was the first time she would properly celebrate her birthday.

She completely never had any experience like this before.

Right now, as she thought back, she realized that Sun Yiwu and the others definitely couldnt have known that it was her birthday.

It must have been Han Zhuoli who told them, to let so many people celebrate her birthday with her.

Towards her birthday, she didnt feel anything much all along.

When she was younger, she used to anticipate and looked forward to it, but eventually, she got used to not celebrating it.

However, now, there was someone who was putting in so much effort to prepare and create a surprise for her.

Lu Man held onto her chest.

Inside, her heart was burning furiously, beating and jumping strongly and quickly.

Someone had placed her in his heart, cradling her in his hand and treasuring her.

She didnt know how long the car drove for before it finally stopped.

Lu Man was so sleepy that she fell asleep in the car and didnt see the view outside of the car window.

“Lu Man.” Xiao Chen woke Lu Man up.

Lu Man rubbed her eyes.

Recently, she had honestly been too tired.

She was always tensed and focused.

She was practicing all the time and didnt dare to slack off the least bit.

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