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The receptionist reluctantly replied, “I think she applied for the public relations department.”

Lu Qiyuan nodded and was about to head to the public relations department immediately when the receptionist stopped him.

“Do you have an appointment”

“Yes, we have an appointment at 10:30 a.m.

with the manager of your production department.”

However, the receptionist let them in only after she had checked the records,

“Dad, if Elder Sister has really got this job, she no longer needs your money for Aunties treatment.

Then wouldnt she look down upon us even more” Lu Qi said to Lu Qiyuan as they entered the elevator.

Lu Qiyuan pressed the button for the floor where the public relations department was located and said bitterly, “Thats why we cant let her get hired so easily.

She wants to work here Dream on!”


“Mr Han.” Upon seeing Han Zhuoli walk out of the meeting room, Zheng Tianming quickly walked up to him.

“Just now, Lu Man came for the interview.

She has been hired.”

Han Zhuoli said proudly, “Isnt that normal Shes so outstanding.”

“…” Zheng Tianming looked at his smug face and thought, ” Even if you have so much faith in Lu Man, she doesnt know it.

What are you being so smug for ”

“However, when Lu Man was about to leave, she met Lu Qiyuan and Lu Qi.

They have an appointment with the manager of the production team and have planned to try to get a role for Lu Qi.” Zheng Tianming said, “When I saw them on the first floor, Lu Qiyuan was about to hit Lu Man, but Lu Man managed to avoid it.”

The smile on Han Zhuolis face fell immediately, his entire body became rigid and cold.

“Why did you only inform me now!”

His Lu Man was impressive, being able to avoid getting hit!

However, when Lu Man was being bullied, he was actually not around!

Zheng Tianming was shocked by Han Zhuoli displeased stare and shivered.

“You were still in a meeting, so I…”

“In the future, no matter what time, place, or whatever Im doing, as long as its about Lu Man, you have to tell me immediately!” Han Zhuoli interrupted, his face was grim.

“Yes.” Zheng Tianming quickly agreed and etched it into his heart.

“Lu Qiyuan also asked the receptionist which department Lu Man had applied for.

Hes probably heading to the public relations department now.”

What could Lu Qiyuan possibly do at the public relations department

Did he want to ruin Lu Mans reputation and make her lose the job she had just got

That was unbelievable even for this bystander Zheng Tianming.

That was his own biological daughter.

How much did he hate her!

Moreover, the daughter Lu Qiyuan cherished so dearly was his step-daughter, not even his own flesh and bone!

Yet he did not care for his own biological daughter and busied himself wearisomely just for this step-daughter.

Also, just for the sake of a role, he even brought her himself to Han Media Company.

Even Zheng Tianming thought that this was too ridiculous.

Han Zhuoli asked lowly, “When did Lu Man leave”

“If you dont chase after her right away, you probably cant make it.” By the time Zheng Tianming finished speaking, Han Zhuoli was already on his way out.

“Hey, Mr Han, its really too late.”

“Im not chasing after Lu Man.

Im going to find Lu Qiyuan first.” Han Zhuolis face darkened.

“Ha, I do want to see exactly how shameless Lu Qiyuan can be for him to dare to order people around in my territory.”


Meanwhile, Lu Qiyuan and Lu Qi went to the public relations department together, declaring that they want to meet the manager of the public relations department.

“Our manager is busy right now.

May I ask why are you looking for him Do you have an appointment” You Lili asked.

“Just now, Lu Man came here for an interview.

Im her father.”

“So Do you need anything Lu Man has already left.

If youre looking for her, you wont find her here.” You Lili was puzzled.

What did Lu Qiyuan want

“I said, I want to meet your manager!” Lu Qiyuan raised his voice.


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