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Were single people reasonable

Anyway, he didnt know whether single people were reasonable or not, but in their little circle, single people had no human rights!

Han Zhuoli finally put down Lu Man completely and said softly to her, “Ignore him, hes just jealous.”

Looking at everyone pairing off one by one, right now, Wei Zhiqian had only Han Zhuofeng to keep him company.

But how young was Han Zhuofeng

He was even younger than Lu Man.

Han Zhuofeng didnt have to feel anxious even if he was single.

Wei Zhiqian was such an old vegetable, yet he still dared to tease them

Lu Man was still feeling embarrassed.

Han Zhuoli explained quietly, “To celebrate your birthday, I invited all of them, as well as Director Sun and Ji Cheng.

I wanted to properly celebrate your birthday for the first time, so I made it a little bit more formal and lively too.

In the future, its up to you whether you want to have it as lively as right now or to just have a celebration between the two of us.

But since its the first time right now, it has to be more lively.”

Chu Zhaoyang and the others all brought their families along.

Naturally, they brought birthday presents too.

Lu Man didnt really care about the birthday presents.

What mattered the most was to have so many family and friends by her side.

She turned around and looked across the hall.

The seniors of the Han family were here, as well as Xia Qingwei.

On the other side were all her friends.

And right next to her was the most important man in her life.

Her man, Han Zhuoli.

Before, when Xia Qingwei celebrated her birthday when she was younger, it was only the two of them, quietly eating noodles together.

After that, Xia Qingwei couldnt even celebrate it with her anymore.

And no one in the Lu family cared about her.

Han Zhuoli held on to her hand.

“Do you want to dance”

Lu Man immediately felt a little flustered.

“I dont know how to.”

Han Zhuolis look of surprise was really exaggerated.

“Theres actually something you dont know”

This man, hes just having so much fun on his own!

Lu Man squinted and punched him lightly.

“What do you think!”

“Its not difficult, Ill teach you.” Han Zhuoli held her hand and led her to the center.

Honestly, the dance steps werent really difficult.

Relaxed, the two of them hugged each other.

Han Zhuoli circled an arm around her waist while she placed her hand on Han Zhuolis chest.

He took a step forward, and she took a step backward.

He took a step backward and led her to take a step forward.

They completely werent dancing in any proper order.

It was more like they were just blindly swaying about in all directions at a dance.

“Do you like your birthday today” Han Zhuoli asked softly as he smiled.

Lu Man felt a little giddy because of his deep baritone dripping with charisma, and she still hadnt drunk any alcohol yet.

“I like it.

Thank you.” Lu Man looked around her.

Seeing that no one was paying attention to them, she swiftly lifted her head up and kissed Han Zhuolis chin.

It was honestly because Han Zhuoli was too tall and he didnt know that she would suddenly kiss him, so he wasnt prepared at all and couldnt bend down a little in time.

Therefore, even if Lu Man tried her best to reach him on her tip-toes, she could only kiss him on the chin.

A soft, moist, numbing feeling spread from his chin.

Han Zhuoli froze slightly.

He didnt expect that she would do that.

After all, right in front of so many people, this little girl didnt really like to take the initiative.

“Here.” Han Zhuoli especially lowered his head, bent his waist, and pointed at his lips.

“Im scared that the adults would see us,” Lu Man said softly.

She didnt mind Wei Zhiqian and the others seeing them as they were all in the same generation.

Even if they did see, they would just tease them a little.

But it was still bad to do it in front of the seniors, after all.

It wouldnt be very polite of them.

“Now you can,” Han Zhuoli said.

Lu Man took a look and, to her surprise, she had been unknowingly led into a corner.

This was a dead corner.

In there, one couldnt be seen by others from all directions.

Han Zhuoli stopped and forced Lu Man into the corner.

He pointed at his lips.

“Come on.”

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