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This man had actually put in so much effort to prepare her birthday present.

Even before that, when she participated in the Chinese Arts Championships, he had prepared everything for her.

As long as it was something regarding her, he wouldnt be sloppy.

As long as he could organize it for her personally, he would spare no effort.

This time, all he wanted was for her to kiss him, that was all.

How difficult could that be

Right now, Lu Mans heart was filled only with how touched she felt towards him.

Standing on her tip-toes, she kissed him on the lips.

Han Zhuoli didnt think about deepening the kiss.

So many people were still looking, it honestly wouldnt be too good for them to be so mushy.

Yet who knew that just as Lu Man was moving back after a little peck, the little pink tip of her tongue would stick out slightly between her lips and quickly lick him across the lips before leaving immediately

Her actions were clear and straight to the point.

She didnt drag it out at all.

However, that gentle, soft wetness that was fragrant and sweet had already clung tightly onto his lips.

Han Zhuolis lips felt numb and tingly.

He completely didnt expect that Lu Man would be so playful.

Stunned, he licked his lips.

He could still taste her fragrance on his lips.

His pitch-black pupils fell onto Lu Mans lips, his eyes darkening and deepening.

Lu Man swore that she really didnt do it on purpose!

Just now, she didnt even know what happened to her either.

As if possessed, she had actually licked him.

Han Zhuolis lips were soft and had a slight hint of mint.

It felt really good.

However, right now, Han Zhuolis expression was a little dangerous.

He kept moving closer towards her.

Unknowingly, Lu Man was already trapped in the corner.

Han Zhuolis hand circled around her waist, robbing her of any chance of escaping.

One hand against the wall, he kissed her.

Fiercely and strongly, he covered her lips and feasted on them thoroughly.

After that, he nibbled on her lips as he sighed.

“Im starting to regret inviting so many people over.”

Lu Mans breathing was uneven.

Her entire body was burning up from being kissed by him.

Right now, she was wearing an evening gown, and the thin and fitted material completely couldnt block the warmth spreading from his body.

Her body trembled in his arms.

Her blushing face showed signs of confusion.

She couldnt understand him.

Han Zhuoli lowered his head.

Sucking on her lips, he said, “I want to carry you into the room right now.”

Lu Man smiled gleefully and kissed him of her own accord as if to seduce him.

Her arms wrapped around his neck and she tilted her face to the side, fitting perfectly in his arms.

“I really like this birthday.” This birthday was too surprising.

She even forgot about the presents.

Han Zhuoli lowered his head and gently kissed the tip of her nose.

He just knew that this little girl was so overjoyed that she didnt even care about the birthday presents.

Since he prepared the birthday celebration for her, he really could not just ditch the guests and carry her into the room.

Han Zhuoli could only take in a deep breath and forcefully suppress the unstoppable flame in his chest.

Lowering his head, he saw Lu Man resting in his arms obediently.

Her eyes were closed and she looked so agreeable and quiet, which made Han Zhuolis heart quieten down slowly too, making the flame burning within him to also start dissipating slowly.

He lowered his head more and lightly pecked her eyes that had gently fluttered shut.

“I was just asking about it.

They said that this castle was private property” Lu Man recalled this matter and started talking about it.

“I saw the layout of the room, and it didnt look like it was open for others to stay in either.”

“Yeah.” Han Zhuoli smiled.

“Guess who it belongs to”

Lu Man thought for a moment and lifted her head up in surprise.

“It cant be yours, right”

Han Zhuoli shook his head.

“Its not mine.”

Lu Man nodded.

“Since you asked me that, is it someone that I know”

“Yes,” Han Zhuoli said as he smiled.

“Chu Zhaoyang”


“Wei Zhiqian”


Lu Man guessed all of Han Zhuolis bros, but she still didnt get it right.

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