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“It cant be the Han familys, right” Lu Man was wrong when she guessed the other families, so it was only down to the Han family.

“WhatHan family You speak as if we are outsiders.

Thats our own family.” Han Zhuolis fingertip tapped her on the tip of her nose.

Lu Man opened up her set of small white teeth and bit his fingertip.

Of course, Han Zhuoli managed to escape.

Facing this little woman in his arms who was baring her teeth, Han Zhuoli smiled.

“When did you learn how to bite people”

Han Zhuoli suddenly stopped talking about the castle.

“Why arent you even asking me what birthday present I bought for you”

“Huh” Lu Man said, dumbfounded.

“Isnt your present this birthday surprise youve planned for me”

Han Zhuoli looked at her and felt speechless.

He sighed.

How much did this little girl suffer in the past She actually thought that planning a birthday surprise was enough to be considered as a birthday present and that he didnt have to prepare anything else.

Lu Man saw that he was feeling sadness and heartache and shook his arm.

“So what present did you prepare for me”

Han Zhuoli looked at her softly.

After a long time, he finally asked, “Didnt you just ask me whose castle this is”

Lu Man froze.

She felt like her legs were floating in the air, that everything was unreal.

The music playing in the background was clearly something she was familiar with, and she was clearly in Han Zhuolis arms, but it felt like there was something wrong with her hearing.

She even stretched her hand up and dug her ear a little.

From Han Zhuolis words, could it be what she thought he meant

Han Zhuoli didnt know whether to laugh or cry over her actions.

He grabbed the hand that was digging her ear.

“Why are you so dumb and silly Do you want to eat some tonic for your brain”

Lu Man: “…”

She wasnt dumb.

Han Zhuoli finally pulled Lu Man out of the corner.

He dragged her straight across the dance hall and out of the castle.

He placed both his hands on her shoulders and made her look up to look at the castle in its entirety.

“This is my birthday present for you.

Do you like it”

Lu Man sucked in a deep breath, and her hands covered her mouth tightly.


He really did give her this!

“A princess should have her own castle,” Han Zhuoli said by the side of her ear as he stood behind her, his head lowered.

At that moment, there were no words that could describe how shocked and overwhelmed Lu Man felt.

Tears rolled around in her eyes and flooded out right after.

He clearly knew that it was because she was touched, but when he saw her tears, Han Zhuolis heart still started feeling frustrated and flustered.

He spun her around, pulled her into his arms, and hugged her.

“You still havent said if you like it or not.”

“I like it.” Lu Man nodded her head hard.

Honestly, even if he just gave her a model of a castle, as long as it was a present from him, she would really have liked it.

Yet he had spent so much money and it was so grand and extravagant.

Han Zhuoli lowered his head, bent his neck, and kissed her.

It was still a little uncomfortable so he just carried her up instead.

It was more comfortable that way.

Eventually, one of Lu Mans hand rested on his shoulder, and, like a little kid, she used the back of her other hand to wipe her tears.

“Why are you so nice! You meanie, how could you be so nice!”

She liked him so much that her heart started aching.

Han Zhuoli broke into a smile.

As he kissed her tears away, he said, “You call me a meanie, then you praise me for being nice.

So am I nice or mean”

“You are a meanie who is so so so nice to me,” Lu Man cried.

Han Zhuoli smiled and didnt feel any anger.

“Fine, I am a meanie, you can call me whatever you want.” Han Zhuoli gave in to her.

His voice was so gentle, it made people want to drown in it.

“Be good, dont cry anymore,” Han Zhuoli coaxed as he lowered his head and kissed her tears.

“I know that youre moved and that these are tears of joy.

But even so, I still feel terrible.

I just dont like to see you crying.”

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