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Chapter 814: Look at Her, She Thinks Shes So Amazing, Huh!

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Before Lu Man entered the classroom, she heard the loud and noisy chattering from inside.

When she took her first step into the classroom, it immediately became silent.

Everyone stared at her, dazed.

Many of them wore a complicated expression while some of them purely looked surprised.

“Lu Man!” Pan Xue called out excitedly.

Lu Man smiled.

Thankfully, she sat together with Pan Xue, Zheng Yuan, and Han Leilei.

She walked to her seat and sat down.

In front of her, to the left of her, and to the right of her were Zheng Yuan, Pan Xue, and Han Leilei, respectively.

“On the day of the finals, after the competition ended, we originally wanted to go backstage to meet you, but we ended up seeing that Director Sun, Director Ji, and his family were all there.

We knew that they were there to look for you, so we decided not to join in the crowd,” Zheng Yuan said to Lu Man after turning around.

“Lu Man, congratulations on winning first place! Youre too cool!” Pan Xue punched her little fist in the air.

“That time when you were on stage together with Ni Xue and the rest, you definitely didnt see Ni Xues expression, right”

Once Pan Xue mentioned it, Han Leilei couldnt hold back and burst into laughter.

She even covered her mouth, afraid that she would laugh too loudly.

“I indeed didnt see it, but thinking about it, I know that she wouldnt be feeling great.

How was it, was it really exaggerated” Lu Man looked at the three girls expression.

She didnt know exactly how furious Ni Xue was back then.

“Leilei, show her the picture!” Pan Xue waved her hand, behaving extremely demandingly.

Han Leilei: “…”

Look at her, she thinks shes so amazing, huh!

Han Leilei didnt want to stoop to her level and brushed it aside.

She took out her phone and looked for the picture taken on the day of the finals.

“We sat pretty near the back, but the picture is zoomed in, so its pretty clear,” Han Leilei said and passed the phone over to Lu Man.

Lu Man took it over and looked.

She couldnt help but laugh too.

“Looks like she was so furious she lost her mind, she couldnt hold back at all on stage.” Lu Man raised her eyebrows.

She didnt expect that Ni Xue wouldnt even be able to hold back her anger.

In the picture, Ni Xue was still standing on stage.

Based on the position the host was standing on, it looked like the picture was taken when the host was asking the judges their reasons for giving Lu Man such high scores.

Therefore, the host was standing by Lu Mans side.

Meanwhile, Ni Xue was standing on the other side of the host.

Back then, the cameramans focus was all on Lu Mans body.

Ni Xue probably thought that she wouldnt be caught on camera either and dared to show her emotions.

In the picture, Ni Xue was so angry her entire face was scrunched up tightly.

She was pursing her lips so tightly, almost into a line.

Even her chin was all crooked because of her anger.

It really was… pretty ugly.

Many people in the classroom were secretly observing Lu Man too.

Some were surprised while some were curious.

No one would have thought that the winner of the Chinese Arts Championships would actually come from their class.

Many of them went to watch the competition.

They had to admit that Lu Man did perform really well; they couldnt help but agree to her winning.

Those who used to think that Lu Mans success was all dependent on her luck all genuinely accepted her skills after watching her performance.

But there were also a significant number of people who couldnt get tickets or completely didnt want to buy tickets at all and had planned to watch it once it was broadcasted on Xing Ke Station.

As it would only be broadcasted after the recording, they didnt allow the audience to use their phones to make recordings of the contestants performances.

There were security officers on-site, patrolling, and once they caught anyone recording, they would ask them to leave.

Therefore, until now, there still wasnt any content about the performance leaked online.

Hence, those who didnt get tickets still had their reservations about Lu Mans performance.

They heard from many of the students who went to watch the finals about how amazing Lu Mans performance was, but most of them couldnt believe it.

They thought that they were just exaggerating.

“Please, how could it be as great as you say it is Perhaps it was not bad, but it definitely wouldnt be as good as you said it is.”

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