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Principal Liu laughed coldly and did not say anything more in front of Li Zeyu and Ni Xues faces.

But Lu Man knew what Principal Liu wanted to say.

“Lu Man, you did really well this time!” This was him releasing his anger!

Before this, Principal Yang was still looking down on Lu Man, right


This time, there was not a single student from Nan Hua Media University whod entered the top ten!

The other students were all suppressed by Lu Man completely.

What else could he say!

Principal Liu had even specially brought the three of them to walk around in front of Principal Zhang and Principal Yang

Principal Zhang felt more and more regret as he looked at Lu Man.

A good representative for the school had been angered away by Teacher Li, who had no EQ.

Otherwise, the pride of the National Film Academy would have been their National Drama Academys.

Principal Liu would also not have had the chance to be boastful in front of him.

The National Drama Academy would not have totally oppressed the National Film Academy this time around.

Right now, Principal Zhang did not want to see Principal Lius old face at all!

Principal Yangs face darkened.

Before this, he had not looked well upon Lu Man, and in the end, Lu Man got first.


Wasnt it just first place

Whats there to be proud of!

Principal Liu laughed.

“Principal Yang, which student of our school do you not look well upon Point them out! Ill properly develop them and they will definitely do well!”

Everybody: “…”

These words were so f*cking angering to people!

This was to mock Principal Yang for not being able to properly judge people correctly!

Those people whom he looked well upon were not good, and those whom he did not think were good would all definitely have a future.

Yet he had no way to rebut it.

Lu Man, who was an example, was in front of his face.

It was way too convincing.

The commending ceremony began, and not all the students whod participated in the Chinese Arts Championships were there.

It was only the top 50 students whod followed their schools to the National Film Academy.

At the commending ceremony, Principal Zhang, who was the main organizer, spoke.

Afterward, Principal Liu, the principal of the school that had the best results, also went onto the stage to speak.

Lu Man went on stage again with the top ten students, and the schools awarded their own students again.

As the first place winner this time around, Lu Man was also invited on stage to speak.

“Im thankful for my school for developing me.

Thank you to Principal Liu and to all my teachers for their help.

Principal Liu had confidence in me from the start to the end, and he had even threatened me by saying that I must get first place.” When Lu Man said that, the teachers and students of the National Film Academy all laughed.

Anyway, Lu Man was first now.

There was nothing wrong with saying these words at this time.

If this had been said before, it would have been unsuitable, but right now, it made people find it humorous.

Of course, it was probably only the students and teachers of the National Film Academy who could understand this kind of humor.

Principal Zhang and Principal Yangs faces were black as coal.

“Thankfully, I transformed the pressure from Principal Liu and used it to motivate me.

Otherwise, I would not be here now and would be getting scolded instead,” Lu Man said as she smiled.

“Alright, to be serious, thank you, Principal Liu, for supporting me, and thank you as well to all my teachers for seriously spending so much effort to help me practice, even helping to act with me.

Thank you, Teacher Wan, for helping me modify my script.”

Lu Man mentioned all the teachers who had helped her.

“Im very lucky to have entered the National Film Academy.

Ill always take pride in the fact that Im from the National Film Academy.” After speaking, Lu Man bowed and then got off the stage.

Principal Liu, who was off-stage, was clapping so especially hard that his palms were red.

Look, look!

Lu Man was really very good at giving him face!

As Principal Liu clapped, he smiled widely and lifted his eyebrows at Principal Zhang and Principal Yang.

That kind of gloating look, it was practically that of a sly person getting his way!

The teachers who had acted alongside Lu Man were all very happy.

No matter what, they had helped Lu Man get first place.

They could not say that they did a lot, but they did help a bit.

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