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In this fast-paced and ever-changing entertainment industry, that was already very rare.

Therefore, no matter what, Li Zeyu wouldnt want to offend Xing Ke Station either.

Helpless, he hurriedly appeared in his fan group chat.

“Everyone, please stop speculating.”

“Its Xiao Yu!”

“Xiao Yu has appeared!”

“Xiao Yu, quickly tell us! Why arent you joining The Performer anymore”

“Thats right.

We were all still looking forward to it because we thought youd be in it.”

“In the past, you were doing well and you were really looking forward to joining The Performer.

Why did you suddenly back out”

Li Zeyu was really helpless.

He couldnt tell his fans the truth either.

His little fans were very easily agitated.

If they found out about the truth, things would blow up and it would really be a difficult mess to clean up.

Therefore, Li Zeyu could only say, “Dont get too anxious, everyone, and stop speculating.

Its because of my own personal reason.

I just wanted to rest a little for now.

“Huh Xiao Yu, your health isnt good”

“No, its not that its bad, Im just a little tired and need to have a good rest and recharge myself properly.

The Chinese Arts Championships had completely let me learn about my own shortcomings.

Even though I managed to get third place, the distance between me and the winner is really too great.

Lu Man has only started learning performance for a year yet she was already so outstanding.

I have been studying it for three years already and my improvements have been so slow.

I cant even win against my own schoolmate, so how could I compete against those big shots There is too much of a difference between our abilities, Im just a little scared that I wouldnt be able to learn much because the gap is too great.

There is too much that I would have to learn.”

“Even though the second place won against me by only 0.1 point, if the other party could get a higher score than me when she performs better than her usual standard, then what about me Could it be that I have just continued steadily as I always have Im looking for a breakthrough, so I temporarily cant worry about joining a variety show.

Im sorry, all of you were looking forward so much to it before, but Ive only disappointed all of you,” Li Zeyu said.

“Were not disappointed, not at all! No matter what your decision is, we will support you.”

All his fans started leaving behind messages of support.

Li Zeyu couldnt tell them about what happened behind the scenes of The Performer, but he didnt want to lie to the fans, so he could only say that.

While Li Zeyus fans were speculating all sorts of things, Lu Mans fans were very peaceful.

When her fans found out that she wouldnt be joining The Performer, they were all very surprised too.

However, only a few new fans raised their questions.

“Why is Lu Man suddenly not joining She is the winner of the Chinese Arts Championships.

She can enter The Performer with the good result of being the winner.

Thats good for her.”

“People on the internet are saying that it could be something bad that happened behind the scenes.

Is that true”

At that moment, Lu Mans old fans appeared.

“Whether or not anything happened, all we have to do is believe in Lu Man.”

“Thats right, all you newcomers might not know, but as an old fan, all of us know that Lu Mans decision has never been wrong.”

“Thats right.

Lu Man must have her own reasons for doing this.

She also must have her reason for not saying it right now, so we just dont have to ask.

Believing in her will do.”

“If Lu Man thinks that she can say it, she will definitely say it.”

“Thats right.

Anyway, I was going to watch The Performer only for Lu Man.

If Lu Man is not joining it, then I wont be watching.

I will support whatever Lu Man does.”

“Ah, is that so” The new fans realized that they had never joined a fandom that was so peaceful and calm.

“Alright, I got it.”

“Sorry, Im new here so I dont know much.

Ive got it.

I will stop asking, then.”

The new fans calmed down quite a bit because of the old fans reasonable attitude.

Surprisingly, they had also become so reasonable and understanding.

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