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Chapter 858 Upright Man

Li Zeyus reaction was also very quick.

Right after Lu Man made a move, he posted, “I lied.

Im sorry, everyone.”

But Li Zeyus fans all expressed understanding towards Li Zeyus actions.

“We know that it is not easy for Xiao Yu to be in the entertainment industry.

This circle is too complicated.

Its too hard to walk this road, and being able to insist on your own morals in this kind of environment, Xiao Yu, you are already very good.”

“We support Xiao Yu, you are the best.”

“Its alright, Xiao Yu, you have your own considerations, we understand.”

“Those who cannot understand, it only shows that you are protected too well and have not seen enough of the world.

Otherwise, you would know how hard it is to be able to advance and survive in society.”

“Xiao Yu is only a single person, and his power and the strength of his words are not great, yet he doesnt dare to offend people and still works hard to persevere in his original reason for acting.

That is already very good.”

“Think like Xiao Yu in this kind of situation and ask yourself: if you are standing in Xiao Yus position, what would you do”

“Not everyone is Lu Man, being able to fiercely attack.

This time, it is likely that the price Lu Man has to pay is very large.”

“Hurting people by 1000 health points but self-harming by 800 health points.”

“This point makes me admire Lu Man quite a bit, her not backing down at all.

I prefer to interact peacefully.

If you dont come and provoke me, I wont expose you.

After all, the rules of the industry are like that.

There is no variety show that doesnt fake things for viewership, and of course, there are the requests of the celebrities themselves.

There are a lot of things that they are just playing the audience with.

So then, regarding The Performers fakeness, I wouldnt go and expose you and work against you all.

But if you insist on provoking me, Im not scared about anything at all.

Lu Man is really really very strong.”

“Strong, this is extremely strong.

Even if Im on the losing end, I want to bring you down.

Lu Mans temper, why is there so much”

“Goddess of Fury Man, Upright Man.”

At this moment, Hu Zhonghui reposted Lu Mans Weibo post with the recording attached.

“Lu Man respected the way your production group is creating your show.

In this generation where entertainment is the most important, although Lu Man did not dare to readily go with the flow, she did not purposely make trouble.

But your production group requested Lu Man to lie about the reason shes not participating in the show, then pushed all the responsibility to Lu Man.”

“Lu Man did not do anything wrong, so why should she be the scapegoat for your production group Just because your show is Xing Ke Stations show and your backer is big, you think you can bully people Lu Man cannot keep silent and has to be your scapegoat, what is that if not bullying Lu Man did not agree to do it, so your production group slandered Lu Man.”

“Who is this person” a netizen asked, confused.

“Why does she know things so clearly”

“Looking at her description, I think shes Lu Mans manager.”

“No wonder.”

At that moment, the produciton group of The Performer and Xu Yaojie were all extremely stunned.

Ge Guangzhen angrily hit the table with a lot of force, pushed open the door, and yelled loudly in his office, “Where is Xu Yaojie! Have him come over now!”

Xu Yaojie was outside in the office of the large open room, sitting at his own desk, when he saw Lu Mans counter-attack on Weibo.

He was so frantic he did not know how to deal with it.

First, it was his WeChat posts, then the voice recording, being exposed by Lu Man.

Lu Man was a demon, alright!

How did she anticipate that the production group would cause trouble

Actually recording the conversation that day!

Xu Yaojie did not know whether it was due to anger, worry, or franticness, his hand that was holding his cell phone kept trembling.

Suddenly hearing Ge Guangzhens yell, Xu Yaojie was extremely shocked, and his phone almost fell from his hand.

He hurriedly stood up.

Ge Guangzhen had called Assistant Director Wang and Team Leader Wu into the office as well.

“What should we do about this situation!” Ge Guangzhen was so worked up, he hit his thick table made out of real wood so hard it was vibrating, and the documents, the computer, and everything else on the table were hit til they were shaking.

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