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Chapter 879: Its a Win-Win

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Lu Qi nodded obediently and smiled.

After that, she walked out.

Jiang Yujie saw Lu Qi coming out of the office and immediately stood up.

Carefully, she said, “Miss Lu.”

Lu Qi looked at her coldly.

She was just about to say something when she saw Lu Qiyuan coming out of the office right after her.

Lu Qi had no choice but to give up.

She turned around and asked, “Dad, why did you come out”

“Let me send you out,” Lu Qiyuan said while smiling.

Lu Qi could only begrudgingly swallow down the words that she was about to throw at Jiang Yujie and went down with Lu Qiyuan.

After sending Lu Qi off into the car, Lu Qiyuan finally went back.

“CEO.” Jiang Yujie saw Lu Qiyuan return and had hurriedly called out.

She was standing there carefully, looking at Lu Qiyuan fearfully, like she was a small white rabbit.

Lu Qiyuan really had no thoughts about Jiang Yujie.

It was all Lu Qis wild speculations.

He didnt tell Xia Qingyang and Lu Qi about it because, one, he felt that this was his own companys matters, why should he have to report to them about every single thing that happened at work

And two, he was also afraid that Xia Qingyang would overthink.

If it was in the past, he definitely wouldnt be afraid.

Xia Qingyangs temper was so gentle before.

However, right now, who knows when Xia Qingyang would blow up like a shrew She was a completely different person from before.

With Xia Qingyangs temper right now, how would Lu Qiyuan ever dare to tell her

He was afraid that Xia Qingyang would directly come to the company and cause a huge scene.

That would be so embarrassing.

However, right now, seeing Jiang Yujies worried and helpless look, Lu Qiyuan couldnt help but sympathize with her a little.

“Dont worry.

Next time Qi Qi comes, dont stop her from entering.

She can come here anytime.” Lu Qiyuan walked over.

Seeing Jiang Yujies slender, docile, and meek demeanor, if he just took one more step, he could pull her into his arms and properly protect her.

The Jiang Yujie right before him really could ignite a mans protective streak.

Lu Qiyuan almost wanted to lift his hand up and pat her on the shoulder.

Jiang Yujie hurriedly nodded.

“Its just that it seemed like Miss Lu didnt really like me.

Did I do anything wrong Is it because I didnt recognize her today”

“No,” Lu Qiyuan said.

“Dont overthink, just focus on your work.”

“Mm!” Jiang Yujie nodded her head eagerly.

She looked at Lu Qiyuan, her face filled with respect and admiration.

“Thank you, CEO.”

Lu Qiyuans heart skipped a beat.

It was as if he saw Xia Qingyang when she was younger.

She also looked at him with so much admiration and trust back then.

Lu Qiyuan withdrew his gaze and nodded.

Then, he returned back into the office.

Lu Qiyuan naturally wouldnt agree to work with The Performer so easily just because of a couple of words from Lu Qi.

He also got someone to find out about the situation over at The Performer.

It was easy for them to resolve the problem about having commercials.

There were so many advertisers.

Even without one, there would still be another.

However, they would just have to lower the advertising fee a little.

However, to find a sponsor would be more tricky.

Ge Guangzhen managed to find a couple and was still discussing things with them.

Lu Qiyuan went to take a look.

Those unfavorable comments towards The Performer seemed to have cooled off.

The netizens also seemed to have gradually stopped following this news.

After all, The Performer had yet to start filming.

No one knew about the exact situation.

Even if the media wanted to write news articles about them, they didnt have any content at all.

They couldnt just keep cooking things up without concrete evidence.

Therefore, the negative news about The Performer started becoming fewer day by day.

Lu Qiyuan watched.

It was indeed just as Lu Man had analyzed.

Therefore, he wanted to seize this moment and settle the sponsorship.

If not, once the negative news about The Performer had started to cool off, the sponsorship fee would rise again.

Ultimately, Lu Qiyuan paid a price of 40 million yuan to get a sponsorship right for The Performer.

Both parties let out a sigh of relief.

Lu Qiyuan felt that the other party wanted 50 million, but he managed to bargain for 10 million lesser, so he had benefitted.

Whereas for Ge Guangzhen, he finally managed to settle the main sponsorship.

Once the show started airing, they would at least have a name to it.

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