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However, because she led the netizens along, they appeared overtly massive and strong.

Hence, people couldnt help but blame all of this on her again.

But honestly, the final beneficiary was still Red Tiger.

Meanwhile, Lu Man was still a C-list actress.

 Lu Man smiled calmly and didnt say a word.

Chi Xingrui saw Lu Mans reaction and felt that she probably already knew what the remaining 300,000 yuan meant.

Chi Xingrui smiled and said, “The remaining 300,000 was decided by our shows director.

The 200,000 yuan is your appearance fee for participating in the show.

The 300,000 yuan is your pay for helping in the public relations for our show.

Of course, this 300,000 yuan is only the public relations fee for one episode.

We calculate according to the episode.”

“Calculate according to the episode” Lu Man didnt say anything, but Hu Zhonghui couldnt quite understand.

Chi Xingrui explained and said, “The Performer and we are rivals.

However, no one knows how their viewership ratings will turn out either.

We will still have to see how the first episode turns out.

If, in the first episode, we can hit them down and defeat them, that means that no matter what, they would never be able to overtake our show.

We then wont need to do any more publicity or public relations work.

However, if we lose on the first episode, or if we won but not by a big margin, then we will have to trouble Lu Man for the next few episodes.

We will pay her accordingly based on each episode, until we are finally able to beat them down.”

That also meant that perhaps they might need Lu Man for the entire season.

When they finally manage to deal with The Performer, their partnership with Lu Man would end.

Hu Zhonghui blurted out, “Then arent you afraid that Lu Man would just keep dragging things out, holding The Performer at the brink of death but not killing them entirely for an entire season”

Chi Xingrui laughed out loud mindlessly.

“Say, are you really Lu Mans manager Arent you afraid that after what you said, we would regret it and suspect Lu Man”

Hu Zhonghui instantly covered her mouth and looked at Lu Man nervously.

Lu Man broke into a smile.

“Hes just scaring you, but you should pay more attention next time too.

You are my manager, so you should side with me more instead.

Dont just blurt out everything youre thinking.”

“I was too careless, too careless,” Hu Zhonghui hurriedly said.

It was honestly because Chi Xingruis behavior was too down-to-earth and straight-forward that she forgot both of their positions.

Lu Man smiled and shook her head.

Hu Zhonghui was her manager.

If she had to manage some other celebrity, Hu Zhonghuis mind would long be unable to catch up.

She really didnt know why someone as innocent as Hu Zhonghui would think about becoming a manager.

Hu Zhonghui laughed dryly.

“Your public relations fee right now is even higher than your appearance fee as a celebrity.”

Chi Xingrui smiled a little and explained, “Do you not know about Lu Mans status in the public relations industry right now Looks like she already has equal status as Wei Zilin.

In the entertainment industry, perhaps Lu Man is almost a C-list actress, but in the public relations industry, she is already this.”

Chi Xingrui stuck his thumb up.

“The price of 300,000 yuan per episode matches Lu Mans current net worth in the public relations industry,” Chi Xingrui said.

 Honestly, in their field, they were also spreading a rumor.

If any production team or show sought out Lu Man, it would be like tying down a top public relations personnel.

They could do longer pay Lu Man like she was purely just an actress only.

They still had to factor in her status as a top public relations personnel and the publicity that she would bring the show.

 Right now, there were quite a lot of shows that were just observing.

They had not invited Lu Man yet because they felt that it was rather pricey having to pay her, a C-list actress, a B-list actress fee.

What if the show didnt even need to do any public relations work or publicity, then wouldnt they lose out

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