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Greedy Wolf Operation and Red Tiger both received large amounts of investments from the Han Corporation.

The Han Corporation was the biggest investor in both of these movies.

Moreover, to support Lu Man, Han Zhuoli greatly reduced the number of screenings for Fighting Hero and even denied Attack Force any screenings.

No wonder Lu Man had been having such a smooth-sailing journey all along.

Without even any experience, she shot Greedy Wolf Operation.

After that, she immediately became the main lead for Red Tiger.

 And even at the Chinese Arts Championships, Dai Rongcheng had even clearly “greeted” those judges and wanted to eliminate Lu Man.

And those three judges did indeed attempt to do that.

However, eventually, not only did Lu Man not get eliminated, those three judges got eliminated instead.

Han Zhuoli personally stepped in and switched out those three judges.

He even personally invited Ma Xianghuan and Lian Fang!

Before Han Zhuoli had stepped in, Manager Hao from the Artiste Department had always been the judge and even gave Lu Man very high scores or even full marks.

After Han Zhuoli took Manager Haos place, he gave others at most a score of 9.0, but for Lu Man

It was as high as 9.8 marks!

The biggest injustice right here was Han Zhuoli.

Lu Man used Han Zhuolis support to get first place in the Chinese Arts Championships.

Yet Lu Man still had the cheek to blame others for an unfair competition!

She even acted as if she was on some moral high-ground and refused to join The Performer!

Previously, Han Zhuoli publicly announced that he was getting engaged.

Right after that, Lu Man also announced that she was getting engaged too.

Right now, she finally managed to piece these two coincidences together.

No wonder Lu Man was afraid of no one and dared to offend anyone.


With Han Zhuoli supporting her, of course she would be afraid of nothing!

Dai Yiran angrily clenched her hand into a tight fist.

Her nails were all digging into the meat of her palm, leaving behind lines and lines of purplish-red marks.

 After quite a while, Dai Yiran finally took her cell phone out and called Xia Yixin.

When Xia Yixin picked up Dai Yirans call, she was at home.

Thankfully, at this time, Han Zhuoling wasnt at home.

As Han Zhuoling rarely came back to China, he had been out visiting guests these few days.

He met up with some of his childhood friends, as well as some other friends that he was on pretty good terms with.

Even if he didnt have much time in China, he also couldnt abandon many of those connections.

Han Zhuoling had been busy these few days and wasnt able to care about the house.

Xia Yixin left Han Linkai for the nanny to take care of.

She took her phone and headed to the bedroom.

After closing the door, she picked up the phone.


Even if she was the only one in the bedroom, Xia Yixin still tried to lower her voice.

Han Zhuolings words from that day did indeed warn her.

Dai Yiran frowned.

“Why do you sound so soft over the phone”

 “Its nothing,” Xia Yixin said simply.

“It might be because of the signal.

I can hear you very clearly.”

 Xia Yixin hurriedly asked, “Why did you call”

 “I wanted to ask you, did you know that Han Zhuoli and Lu Man were already together” Dai Yiran asked.

Xia Yixin stayed silent.

Dai Yiran understood it immediately.

She blew up instantly.

“Why didnt you tell me about it!”

Xia Yixin could only explain, “We had just returned back to China, so honestly, we also didnt know it before that.

I had just found out about it recently.

When I went back to the old mansion, thats when I found out that Han Zhuoli was with Lu Man.

I didnt find out much earlier than you did.

I was still troubled over how to tell you, but who knew that you would find out about it before I told you”

“Do you know where I met them” Dai Yiran asked suddenly.

Xia Yixin didnt say anything.

How the heck would she know where Dai Yiran met them

 “At the jewelry store.” Dai Yiran laughed coldly.

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