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“Youre too polite.” Qiao Luna mildly nodded.

 When the lift stopped, the two of them did not leave together.

 Qiao Lunas car was waiting at the entrance of the hotel.

 Although the hotel was next to the television station, that was just a figure of speech.

It did not mean that the hotel was really right next to the television station and they could go over there just by walking.

 Furthermore, given Qiao Lunas self-confidence, even if it could be reached in a few steps, she could not really walk a few steps.

She definitely needed to take a car over.

 When they got into the car, Qiao Luna showed a mocking expression.

 Xiao Zhao took the time to say, “That Lu Mans face is quite thick-skinned.

Did she forget that she caused you to be banned from the entertainment circle by the company for half a year”

 At that time, when Red Tiger was airing and competing with Zhang Luns Fighting Hero, in order to suck up to Zhang Lun, Qiao Luna had publicly stepped on Red Tiger and Lu Man.

Because of that, she was hidden away from the public eye by the Han Corporation for half a year.

 During that half a year, Qiao Luna had been totally mocked by others.

She had been unable to take up any activities at all, and it was all thanks to Lu Man.

 With much difficulty, she had managed to survive the period where she was hidden from the public eye by the company, and when the time was up, it just so happened that her contract with the Han Corporation had also reached its end.

 Qiao Luna was angry at the Han Corporation for doing that to her, and so she instantly switched companies to Zhong Hang.

 Zhong Hang was quite good to her, finding good shows for her.

 The sincerity of Zhong Hang towards Qiao Luna could clearly be seen.

 As the first step of Qiao Lunas reemergence, Huang Yawen had chosen Classic X Files for her.

 Huang Yawen had exerted a lot of effort because Classic X Files was at the top when it came to the viewership ratings among variety shows in the country.

 If it were otherwise, Xing Ke Station would not have purposely pushed out The Performer, wanting it to attack Classic X Files.

 As shed been hidden for half a year, her popularity fell greatly.

A lot of younger ones had chased up to her, wanting to replace her.

 Nowadays in the entertainment industry, because of the different platforms and ways to produce stars, newcomers were too quick to appear.

 Qiao Luna urgently needed to use Classic X Files to help increase her popularity again.

 Because of that, whether it was Qiao Luna or Huang Yawen, they all placed a lot of emphasis on this chance, not allowing for a single mistake at all.

 Qiao Luna smiled coldly.

“Since she wanted me to take care of her, then I must properly take care of her! Yesterday, we were talking about how there could be a chance that Lu Man would be filming the same show and episode as me, and who would have thought that it was really Lu Man The first challenge since my reemergence is meeting Lu Man.

Heaven is really helping me.”

 If it were someone else, she really would not dare to have such confidence.

 But Lu Man was someone who had just entered the entertainment industry.

She was a C-list actor who had yet to become totally stable and was yet to gain any connections in the entertainment industry, yet she still wanted to be able to win against her

 Huang Yawen also smiled and said, “Your luck is really not bad.

I chose Classic X Files because of the popularity of this show.

It is very well-liked by the audience, but because of that, the statuses of the guests that the show invites are usually quite high.

Even if they are young actors, they are all very popular.

If it were before, you definitely wouldnt have needed to worry, but there is a bit of danger to the you now.

Who would have thought that the production group would actually seek out Lu Man this time I dont know why Classic X Files asked Lu Man to come this time, but you managed to benefit from it.”

 Originally, Huang Yawen was picking between Classic X Files and The Performer.

 At that time, she felt that although Classic X Files was an old, classic, and popular show, The Performer was appearing with an explosive entrance.

With a lot of popularity and with a lot of people talking about it, it really might not lose out to Classic X Files.

 And furthermore, if the competition was fiercer, with more points to be contested, it would be very popular with the audience.

 If they wanted to consider the popularity of the actors alone, Huang Yawen would be more inclined towards The Performer, and because of that, she had wanted to sign a contract with The Performer at the beginning.

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