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They all knew that Du Lin was very busy now.

He had so many shows, and the scripts were piling up like mountains.

His schedule was full of movies and television shows.

 A lot of shows that wanted to invite Du Lin found it difficult to do so.

 If it was not that the price was not suitable, it was that their time was not suitable.

 They did not think that Lu Man would be able to invite Du Lin.

 The last event of the show was for the competing guests to invite their celebrity friends to help them in acting.

 Although it was said like that on the surface, a few celebrities really did not have friends who were big-shots, like some A-list celebrity fans, and they would go to their management company, which would then take out their own wallets and pay the celebrities to have them come and help.

 Lu Man could have invited Du Lin with this method.

 But here was the problem: did Lu Man have so much money that she could invite Du Lin

 Could it be that Lu Man gave it her all for a show

 “Hello, hello,” Du Lin greeted each and every one of them, very polite.

 Even if he was popular now, he was not arrogant at all.

 Compared to Du Lin, Li Youjun, who just got popular recently, was a bit lacking.

 Qiao Luna could imagine the results already.

 How could Li Youjun compete with Du Lin

 When the audience looked at Li Youjun, they would be surprised, but when they saw Du Lin, they would be excited.

 Li Youjun was a newcomer, and there was a limit to how many people have seen him before.

 That web drama was watched only by those young girls, and only they would like Li Youjun.

 Slightly older people, or men, would not know who Li Youjun was.

 But Du Lin was different.

He was liked by the old and the young.

 It was true that his popularity was not as explosive as Li Youjuns, who was being squeezed by fans when going to the airport.

 After all, more mature fans rarely went to the airport to chase their idols.

 But Du Lin was very popular with people; everyone recognized him.

 After Qiao Luna was shocked for a bit, she then felt that this was nothing much.

 Even if he was Du Lin, could he compare to Shen Xijun

 Shen Xijun, who was only one person, could defeat everyone in seconds!

 “Alright, then, Ill go and prepare.

Theres still a while more, everyone can also start to prepare.” Chi Xingrui instructed the makeup artist, “Help Teacher Du Lin do his makeup slightly.

As long as hed look better on camera, its fine.”

 Du Lin was not going with the good-looking route, and so there was no need for his makeup to be as detailed as Li Youjuns.

 Just correcting Du Lins skin color a bit, then adding on to his eyebrows, was fine.

 After a while, Chi Xingrui returned again.

“Everyone, prepare yourselves.

In a while, the emcees will invite everyone to go on stage one by one.”

 Because Du Lin would need to go onstage only during the last activity, Du Lin was still staying in the lounge and was not in a rush to go on stage.

 The few of them had already met with the original actors of the show backstage just now and greeted them.

 The recording of the show started, and the two emcees began to recite the introduction to the show and the advertisements.

 And after that, the big screen started to show clips from the famous movie.

 The workers passed the microphones to the original actors.

 The few of them were holding microphones and were voicing over for the roles they had once acted.

 When one persons voice over ended, they would walk to the front stage through the passage.

 The excited cheers and claps that the audience made could be heard clearly from the back.

 When everyone had walked out, the emcee said in a loud voice, “Lets welcome the competing guests today: Qiao Luna! Lu Man!”

 No matter how bad the relationship between Qiao Luna and Lu Man was, at this moment, they needed to pretend to be very close, both appearing with a bright smile.

 When the audience heard Lu Mans name, they were all shocked.

 “The f*ck, the production group actually invited Lu Man”

 “I remember that this episode is going to be shown on the fifth day after the new year, right If I did not forget, The Performer is also airing on the same night. Classic X Files is really going against them! Seeking out Lu Man, that means that they are going face-to-face against The Performer!”

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