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“Ah!” Qiao Luna groaned in pain with her hands cradling her head.

“From the South came a Lama!”

 And then she began to run around the stage, grabbed people, and asked, “With five kilograms of mackerel in his hand”

 Following that, she cried out, “From the North came a mute man!”

 The audience were all shocked by her.

 This was not losing a child.

The f*ck, this was some crazed person running out from the mental hospital, alright!

 “Just screaming with no tears”

 “Losing her child but not hurrying to find him, running over here to be some mental case!”

 “This performance is not that good.”

 When Qiao Luna finished performing, the audience members were not willing to clap.

 The controller of the whole stage started to raise their hand in front of the audience seats to signal to the audience to clap.

 Although before they started to record, they recorded a cut of the audience clapping and cheering, the audience on set could not be so cold.

 So the audience could only clap twice, trying to pacify them.

 Qiao Luna forced a smile on stage.

She was really feeling extremely awkward, her face was all black.

 The emcee could only come up to help save the scene.

“Too shocking! Lunas performance is too shocking! Needing to come up with these emotions in such a short time, that is really not easy.”

 Qiao Lunas expression got better only after hearing that.

 The emcee hurriedly said, “Now, its Lu Mans turn to draw lots.”

 Lu Man went up.

She did not talk rubbish like Qiao Luna and randomly drew lots.

 The audience all insulted, “The h*ck, Lu Man, you should at least ask us!”

 “Why did you draw lots so fast I was yet to react!”

 The audience were all worked up.

 Each of them was saying something.

The people who were shouting could not hear what exactly the other said, but the scene was very worked up.

 The cameras turned the focus over, filming the audience seats.

 The reaction of the audience this time was greater than just now.

 Qiao Luna was sitting on the seats and saw that the camera was not filming her.

Her face became dark immediately.

 Just now, she had thrown so many hints, and the audience did not react.

In the end, Lu Man did not even do anything special for the show—she did not have any experience at all, but the audience actually gave her such a big reaction

 Was the audience dumb!

 It was obvious that the things she did for the shows effects were a little too much just now.

If she did it once or twice, the audience would find it interesting, but if she did it too much, the audience would be long bored of it.

 They were hoping that people would be so direct and fast like Lu Man.

 If Lu Man also did the same thing as Qiao Luna, the audience would probably have been bored.

 Yet whod have guessed that Lu Man really would not do anything They did not know if she was doing it on purpose or not, not interacting with the audience, and even doing things so fast that the audience did not manage to react on time.

 The emcees were all sweating.

“I havent even called out start yet and you drew lots already.”

 “Ah You still need to yell out start” Lu Man looked over, her face confused.

 “Hahahahaha! I did not think that Lu Man is actually slightly naturally ditzy.”

 “Normally, I see her attacking people on the Internet.

I did not think that the actual person was such a cute girl.

The difference is too big.”

 The audience was even more worked up.

 The emcee smiled and said, “Theres no need, theres no need.

Youve already drawn lots, its in your hand.

Theres no way to regret it.”

 “Alright.” Lu Mans face was one of “Why are you so willful”

 Emcee: “…”

 “Hahahahahaha, Brother Yue is being disdainfully looked at.”

 “Brother Yues expression is too suppressed.”

 “Then I will start reciting it,” Lu Man told the audience.

 Wow, now she was even chatting with the audience.

 The emcee Fan Yue very suitably pretended to look very helpless, causing the audience to laugh a lot.

 Lu Man recited only then.

“Ever since I entered the palace, Ive been the only one who is doted on by the Emperor.

There are three thousand beauties in this Imperial Harem, yet the Emperor dotes only on me, so I convinced the Emperor that he needs to spread his rain and dew equally1, but the Emperor refused to listen and dotes only on me, dotes only on me.”

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