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Chapter 942: About to Cry

“Thats right.

Still quite good, still quite good,” Chi Xingrui replied.

Lu Dongliu decided to just not look at Qiao Lunas performance and told Chi Xingrui, “After the filming is finished, everyone can work overtime together to see how to do publicity this time.

Since Lu Man made this situation so big, we cannot waste the good start that Lu Man gave us.

Otherwise, it will be a waste for our explosive variety name.”

“Actually, I was just troubled about that,” Chi Xingrui said.

“We have too many things to do publicity-wise for this episode, but if we advertise everything, it would seem even more messy, with no major point.

Itll be very easy to cause the audiences concentration to be messed up.”

“But Director Lu, think about it, this episode is Lu Mans first variety show, right At the same time, its also Ji Chengs and Sun Yiwus first variety show.

Originally, Lu Mans first variety show would not have been that attractive, but she had a big drama with The Performer that cannot be resolved.

Because of that, as long as we advertise her, we would have a very explosive point.

Obviously, its us starting a fight with The Performer automatically.

The audience would naturally be curious and watch our episode.”

Chi Xingruis head hurt as he said, “Yet theres still Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng.

Randomly taking out one between the two would be enough to get people to watch.

This… what should we do”

Lu Donglius index finger tapped the middle of his forehead.

“This is a problem.

When the filming is over, then we should properly investigate how we should do publicity.”

Chi Xingrui was so excited that his fingers were trembling now.

“I cant wait anymore.

This line-up is too great, I want to see the reactions of *The Performer*s production group.”

At that moment, Qiao Luna finally finished performing.

Fan Yue was beginning to run out of words, not knowing what to praise.

It could only be said that Qiao Luna was working very hard.

He then praised Shen Xijuns performance a lot, then hurriedly invited them down.

As soon as she got off the stage, Qiao Luna was extremely depressed.

“I messed it up.” Qiao Luna let out a heavy breath.

Shen Xijun patted her shoulder.

“Dont worry.

You are still young, theres still space for growth and improvement.

One or two mistakes are not much.

I saw the television drama you acted in, youre really not bad.

This is not your best standards.”

Qiao Luna also knew that this was not her normal standards, but she had already finished performing, and now, there was no use for her to regret it.

Huang Yawen sighed and walked over.

“Its nothing, just dont be too caught up on it.”

Qiao Luna was about to cry.

She needed to get over it!

Just at that moment, the employees called Lu Man, “Lu Man, its your turn.

Theres still 10 minutes to go, you can prepare a bit.”

“Alright.” Lu Man had already changed into a female outfit from the Republican China era.

It was plain in color with a top that was a bit grayish and long cotton pants.

Lu Man had a lot of hair.

Her long hair was arranged into thick braids that were placed over her shoulders to hang in front of her chest.

To be able to achieve the biggest surprise impact, when they were adjusting the script, they had Lu Man get on the stage first.

Then it would be Du Lins turn, then Ji Chengs, and the last would be Sun Yiwu.

When Lu Man passed by Qiao Lunas side, Qiao Luna could not help but glare fiercely at Lu Man.

It was practically like she was treating Lu Man as an enemy.

Ever since Fighting Hero had a fight with Lu Man, Lu Man had practically become her unlucky star.

No matter how she tried to get rid of her, she could not.

Whenever she had some important chance, it would be messed up by Lu Man!

What sort of hatred and enmity did she have with her!

Qiao Luna totally forgot how she targetted Lu Man at the start.

Even though it was she who first had bad thoughts towards Lu Man and attacked Lu Man totally, taking every chance she had to step on Lu Man, in the end, Lu Man had managed to steal the limelight.

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