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Chapter 944: Not Allowed to Go on Stage

Qiao Luna was in so much pain that she had mucus and tears all over her face, and yet, she was still strongly holding onto Lu Man and refusing to let go.

Hu Zhonghui and He Mengmeng hurried in front and helped Lu Man to move Qiao Lunas hand away.

“You have to stop randomly attacking people!” Hu Zhonghui hid Lu Man behind her to protect her.

“Just now, you purposely stretched out your leg to trip Lu Man! You tripped Lu Man, and Lu Man did not manage to stabilize herself and accidentally stepped on your leg.

After you finished tripping people, you did not manage to retract your leg in time and you got stepped on.

Who are you blaming”

“Thats right! This is your retribution! You wanted to trip Lu Man with bad intentions.

In the end, you lost out, and you still have the audacity to blame Lu Man If I were you, I would find a corner to quietly stay in so that I wont be embarrassed! Acting like no one knew the bad things you did and telling on her first even though you did evil things! Disgusting!” He Mengmeng chimed in.

Lu Dongliu and Chi Xingrui also saw the hand motions that the employees were making and hurried over.

They then saw that the backstage had already become a mess.

As they ran over, they heard Hu Zhonghui and He Mengmengs words and formed a rough understanding of the situation.

Lu Dongliu then asked the workers present, “Whats going on”

The employee explained, “Its time for Lu Man to go on stage.

When she walked over, Qiao Luna suddenly stretched out her leg to trip Lu Man.

Lu Man could not stand stably and swayed a few times.

In the end, she accidentally stepped on Qiao Lunas leg and caused it to be injured.

Qiao Luna refused to let Lu Man go and insisted on saying that Lu Man did it on purpose.”

He Mengmeng and Hu Zhonghui raised an eyebrow at Qiao Luna.

They heard what the employee said.

Qiao Luna stretched out her leg to trip Lu Man, and it was obviously done on purpose.

And Lu Man did not manage to steady herself and stepped on Qiao Lunas leg accidentally.

Lu Dongliu was extremely angry.

Couldnt this Qiao Luna stop!

She did not even have any real ability—she was just pretty great at making trouble!

Look at how she was acting on stage just now!

There was no need for anyone to say it.

Lu Dongliu knew it was definitely Qiao Luna who was causing trouble!

She did not look within herself for the reason she was unable to perform well on stage and even blamed Lu Man.

She acted badly.

What was the use of blaming others

Could it be that when she doesnt perform well, it was because Lu Man made her perform badly

Could Lu Man use voodoo or something

Really crazy!

Lu Dongliu then said, “I understand the situation.

We can properly solve it after this.”

Lu Dongliu hurriedly told the employee, “First, help Luna to the sofa so she could sit and rest.

She already sprained her ankle, how can she still stand”

“Lu Man, its time for you to go on stage, get ready,” Lu Dongliu said.

“No!” Qiao Luna screamed sharply.

“If Lu Man doesnt give me an explanation, shes not allowed to go on stage!”

Huang Yawens gaze flashed, and she instantly took the chance to say, “Right.

Lu Man injured our Luna backstage, so she isnt allowed to leave if she doesnt give an explanation.”

If Lu Man went on stage, she would definitely steal all the limelight from Qiao Luna.

Since it was like this, then they had to make it such that she couldnt go on stage!

It was probably what Qiao Luna intended when she stretched out her leg to trip Lu Man.

It was just that she did not think that her ploy would fail.

Then she might as well just pull on Lu Man now and not let her go.

“Thats not possible.

Our show cant stop filming halfway,” Chi Xingrui instantly said.

“Who said were stopping the filming halfway Just dont let Lu Man film,” Huang Yawen said coldly.

“Directly attacking someone from the industry backstage—with the kind of morals she has, can she still go on your show”

“Is there something wrong with you The employee already said that it was Qiao Luna who first purposely tripped Lu Man, and Lu Man accidentally stepped on Qiao Luna because Lu Man was not steady.

Are you deaf!” Being shameless with them Did they think that she did not also know how to do that!

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