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The first reason was that he was really annoyed at Qiao Luna backstage just now.

The second was that: “Only by doing this would there be a good explosive scene.

At that time, when the show has finished airing, this end result would definitely garner great discussion and be able to step on The Performer even more.

We cant only totally win over them in terms of viewership ratings.

Even with just how many people are talking about it after, we wont let them win!”

 The guy in charge of this hurriedly agreed and sent out the numbers without changing anything.

 In his heart, he thought, Director Lus hatred towards The Performer is really very strong.

 Furthermore, the audience voting side, the whole place had raised their hands.

There was no scheming or secret planning to get this outcome at all.

 Unless the production team bribed all the audience members, it was really 500 votes to 0 votes.

 But the risk of doing that would have been too big.

If one person were to expose it, it would be a scandal.

 It was tough for the production team to have such a good reputation.

 And because she knew that, Qiao Lunas facial expression became even worse.

 These people were really blind!

 Lu Man did well just because of Sun Yiwu and Ji Chengs popularity!

 The show officially ended, and Lu Man went backstage.

 Sun Yiwu, Ji Cheng, and Du Lin had already left.

 After Lu Man switched on her phone, she received the message they sent.

 They had other scheduled events after this and could not stay longer.

They said that they would meet again when they returned to B City.

 Lu Man was really very touched and grateful.

 The three of them were that busy, but they found time to come and help her.

 Coming and leaving hurriedly, it can be seen how busy the three of them were.

 Just with this debt, Lu Man felt that she owed them too much.

 Qiao Luna was helped over by people, and she was just about to make trouble for Lu Man when she was held back by Huang Yawen.

 At that moment, Lu Dongliu and Chi Xingrui walked over with big steps.

 “Hahahaha, Lu Man! Everything was all thanks to you today!” Lu Dongliu laughed loudly and walked over.

It could be seen how good his mood was.

 Now, the episode can sufficiently deal with The Performer‘s first broadcast.

 “Director Lu, Assistant Director Chi,” Lu Man called with a smile.

“Its all thanks to your care given today.

I even caused trouble for the production group, Im really sorry.”

 Lu Dongliu thought that Lu Man was talking about the fight with Qiao Luna backstage just now and hurriedly waved his hands.

“Its nothing much, its just something small.

How can it be considered a trouble”

 Lu Dongliu looked at his watch and said, “Its the afternoon already, do you have other arrangements If you dont, lets have lunch together.

It just so happens that I have some things to ask you to teach me about.”

 “I dont have any arrangements.

What things I dont dare to teach you,” Lu Man said, still smiling.

“If you have anything you need done, you can directly tell me.”

Lu Dongliu laughed.

It was really comfortable to talk to Lu Man.

 The little lady said sentence after sentence with humbleness while praising him, and he felt very good.

 “It is concerning the publicity for our show.

I have some things I need to ask you about.

I cant be sure about what to do.” Lu Dongliu did not hold back.

 Huang Yawen was holding Qiao Luna back at the side, not letting her make trouble while she looked on in shock that Lu Dongliu was valuing Lu Man so much!

 She assessed Lu Man quietly and felt that aside from being pretty, there was nothing very outstanding about her.

 Despite how Lu Man had won so many times before this, Huang Yawen felt that Lu Man might not have contributed a lot.

 She still had to use the fact that Greedy Wolf Operation and Red Tiger were good films on its own.

They were high-quality and had good reviews.

 Otherwise, no matter how able Lu Man was, she would not have been able to make the two movies so popular.

 That Lu Man was able to win, it was just that it was a coincidence that her side had the advantage.

It might not be her real ability.

 “Its not a problem,” Lu Man agreed easily.

 She knew it was probably something to do with the shows publicity.

 Lu Man had taken the 300,000 yuan pay from them.

She could not take it for nothing, right

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