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Chapter 956: Really Too Impressive!

In public, especially when there were so many people waiting for the plane, she did not think about anything and did not know how to be embarrassed.

She directly kissed him.

She hugged him tight, as if she would not be satisfied no matter how hard she hugged him.

She even automatically pried open his lips and teeth to gain entrance and get entangled with him.

No matter how much she entangled her tongue with his, it was not enough.

It was like she wanted to suck his mouth dry.

Han Zhuoli knew that, actually, this little girl was not unmoved.

Seeing his drama just now, she was actually feeling jealous.

That was why shed rushed into his embrace—to announce her ownership.

Otherwise, if it were in the past, how could she be so passionate in front of everyone and kiss him so fiercely

She would at most lightly peck his lips outside and would not go in deep.

But this time, she directly gave him a French kiss, both deep and long.

And it was with a heat that had never been present before.

It caused Han Zhuoli to want to hurry and bring her home.

It was rare that the little girl was so passionate, and Han Zhuoli hurriedly tightened the arm that was encircling her waist while also entangling her lips and tongue with his.

Now, it was not up to Lu Man anymore.

Just as Lu Man wanted to retreat, Han Zhuolis lips and tongue followed, wanting to continue to entangle with hers and pull and push on her.

No matter how Lu Man tried to hide, she could not, and at the end, though she wanted to separate from his lips, she was in Han Zhuolis embrace and her waist was tightly encircled by him.

Being pressed against his waist, how could she hide She could only resign herself to her fate and just let him kiss her.

Hu Zhonghui and He Mengmeng could no longer bear to watch.

Two single dogs watching from the side, their faces were red and they were extremely envious, suddenly wanting to hurry and find a boyfriend.

The passersby nearby were all a bit embarrassed while looking on.

It was just that when they saw how Lu Man had just gotten off the plane, the passersby all misunderstood and thought that this was a pair of lovers that had met only after a very long time.

Since they had met again after so long and could not control their emotions, even if it was kissing for an extended people of time in public, it could be understood.

They did not know at all, actually, that Lu Man had been away only for a day.

It was not easy, but Han Zhuoli finally let go of Lu Man.

“So passionate”

Lu Man was too embarrassed to say that she was jealous.

Even though she was the one who was watching the drama just now.

“I missed you.” Lu Man really did miss him.

“Even though I was gone for just a day, I really missed you.”

These words caused Han Zhuoli to feel very happy hearing it, and he could not help but peck her lips.

“Me too.”

“Ah!” Lu Man called out in pain, covering her lips that had been kissed until they were swollen.

Looking closely, he found that he had actually kissed her until the skin of her lips had split a bit.

It was hard to imagine how passionate that man was kissing her just now had been.

Han Zhuoli frowned nervously.

“What is it”

“My lips are painful.” Lu Man moved her hand that was covering her lips.

“You used too much force when kissing me just now.”

He had rubbed them until they were swollen, and because of that, even though she was only lightly pecked by Han Zhuoli just now, she felt that it was very painful.

When Han Zhuoli too a look, he found that it was really quite pitiful.

He knew that the little girls skin was especially delicate and easily marked.

He did not think that even her lips were very weak.

However, it was true that he did not hold back just now, and Han Zhuoli thought guiltily that he did not think that his strength was a bit too much just now.

He actually managed to kiss his wife until her lips were split.

Really too impressive!

“Hurry and let me down.” Lu Man pushed on his chest.

Tsk tsk, still so firm.

Theyd not touched each other for the whole night, and Lu Man did not want to let go already.

Han Zhuoli did not know that Lu Man was quietly admiring his body as he let Lu Man down.

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